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"Fame is the sum of the misunderstanding that gathers about a new name." - Rainer Maria Rilke
I've discovered NaBloPoMo through a2zmom and tempertemper77 (Thanks, guys!), and since I can't do NaNo, this sounds intriguing. :) Without a doubt, I've written less post-baby; perhaps this will get me moving in the other direction. I'm jumping in late, but I'll try to play catch-up for the days I missed.

A couple weeks ago a tabloid rag ran an article about an actor who supposedly cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with their second child. I don't read tabloids, and I don't consider them sources of accurate reporting and fact-checking. However, what I did find very interesting about the whole situation was some of the fan reaction I came across online.

Many fans insisted that the actor couldn't possibly have been unfaithful to his wife -- because he is a family man, because he is close to his parents, who are "good people," because HE is a "good man," etc. Who wants to believe that a person they admire could lie and cheat?

I am in no way claiming that the actor in question actually did cheat on his wife. But I know this: most of us don't know our favorite public figures. We admire them from a distance. We know what images they project. We know how they make us feel if they are actors or artists. We may even know when they were born, their favorite foods, and the names of their family pets.

The sum of all that still does not equal true knowledge of a person.

People we do know well and even love, may shock both us and themselves with what they can do, including being unfaithful. Standing on the outside of a relationship, we simply cannot know and understand precisely what occurs on the inside.

That holds true for our friends, relatives, and favorite celebrities.

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*smooch* I know you didn't mean me, but thank you for stating it outright.

Fortunately, I missed the reaction you mentioned. People can be so wacky. Once again, I am getting old and crotchety. *g*

BTW, do you have any Lie to Me story or author recs? I am willing to just wade through the muck if need be, but I thought I'd check with you first. ;)


Most of the fic at ff.net is CRAP. Hee. Though I admit I haven't delved too deeply... but there is some nice stuff at lightmanfoster. Um... aforementioned friend angeletoile is just dipping toe into world of fanfic with her love for Cal and Gillian. She has written a couple of lovely, delicate pieces.. also acolyte33 who writes a brilliantly masculine Cal :)

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