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Cal/Gillian Honey End Scene
I am now caught up on Lie to Me.

Brilliant show.  Fabulous premise, stellar cast, intriguing cases with surprising twists:  what's not to like?

Oh, and did I mention the beautiful potential ship?  *g*

There is something so very adult about Cal and Gillian.  I think it's that particular quality that's really captured me. 

I'm in infatuation.

Isn't it grand? ;)

ETA:  I think I need more LtM fans on my f-list. 

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aren't they just the best ship? he's all protective, and she's all damaged, and its great.

YOU KNOW I'm with you!!!!

Yes, they feel a very adult relationship - I love that too!

I have made a new friend through the show already (angeletoile) and beta'd some lovely fic for her. I'm going to matchmake you two LOL ;)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!<- squees with you.

I started watching S1 and didn't stick with it, but I've wanted to catch up on DVD since some of the FL is interested. And since there are rumors of a Bones cross-over?

I can't guarantee that you'll love it, but I will say that I do. It's not as ship-heavy as Bones; I think it's more subtle in that department. (But I could ship a rock, paper, and scissors. *g*)

Still, every single character is richly drawn and interesting, and I've found every case to be worth paying attention to. Not one of the cases has seemed throwaway to me. If you have time, try another ep or two and see what you think. :)

I hadn't heard the crossover rumors, but I would die of glee if that happened.

Cal + Gillian + "Can I sleep in your spare bedroom" = fangasm

Need I say more?

Oh man. I don't have time...

I want to watch it. You're all mean. ;)

Well I;m already here. I agree: these are very adult characters and the cases have all been extremely watchable. I watched it primarily because I rate Tim Roth's acting chops. Lightman is fascinating right down to the walk. I never know what he is thinking.

The only irritation is the FBI guy although he played out well on this week's episode (which would be episode 5 I think. Yes, I'm hooked.

(this is all your fault, i downloaded an ep yesterday and oh my goodness i think i have a new fandom on the way, i really hope there are people out there writing a BUCKETLOAD of awesome fic)




Mission accomplished.

I'm not sure if there's a lot of great fic out there or not, but the show itself is fantastic.

YAY!!! I am right there with you (although I'm NOT caught up yet - still have a couple eps to watch), the show is fantastic!

And now I am wondering why I don't have a LtM icon in my userpics. Hmmm....*scurries off to find one*

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