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I ♥ Temperance Brennan.
Brennan looking cheeky
I am two eps behind on Bones, and I'm trying to catch up.  Only a few minutes into A Night at the Bones Museum, and my heart is overflowing with love for Brennan. 

"I love ancient remains.  I really do."

She has these moments of childlike wonder and enthusiasm that are ridiculously charming.  She loves what she loves, and she's not ashamed of it.  Nor should she be!  I love Booth, too, but shame on him for every time he's put her down for being weird or geeky.  Brennan doesn't need to be "fixed."  This is a smart, ambitious, bighearted woman -- and she continues to have my respect and affection.

Five seasons in, and I love Temperance Brennan.  I really do.  

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This is a smart, ambitious, bighearted woman -- and she continues to have my respect and affection.


I'll be interested to hear your opinion of her after the ep. Many people disliked her behaviour towards Booth in this one but personally I found myself very Brennan sympathetic throughout the whole ep :)

I had some problems with that ep, but I loved Brennan in it, and I absolutely adored the squee! scene between her and Daisy :-)

It's nice to see Brennan figuring out that she can be emotionally authentic without losing herself. S1 Brennan, IMO, would still have been thrilled, but she would have tried to cover her "I love ancient remains!" excitement with "...but only because they are anthropologically significant." I love that she is finally figuring out she can still be brilliant and insightful AND show some emotion.

I totally agree about the childlike wonder.
I love the little moments like that, as that's when we usually find out cute little factoids we didn't know before.

Oh, how I love her, and how Emily plays her so amazingly well.

I really love her too, especially those moments.

I really love her, too. I know this sounds crazy and a bit delusional, but there are times when I "borrow" her. I'll cloak myself in a kind of What Would Temperance Brennan Do mentality and then go be brilliant (in my own small way, of course). She absolutely is my favorite character on tv right now. Intelligent, strong, independent, but also vulnerable and a bit broken, too. No wonder I relate.

Oh, I love her, too! She's quite a gal, and it's totally understandable that Booth would be in love with her.

As for those fans who were angry with her in this episode: Really okay with me that Brennan would date someone other than Booth. Booth hasn't declared himself....

Ditto. I love to see her growth as a character.

I myself didn't have any problem with her behavior.

I don't think Booth thinks she needs to be fixed. And she has said just as many blunt things about him, so it goes both ways. It seems to be the way they are around each other.

Booth may not think she needs to be fixed now, but I think there have been times in the past when he's thought that. Also, in rereading my post, I realize that it does read like I'm saying that Booth thinks she needs to be fixed. I actually was thinking more of some Bones viewers and how they perceive Brennan.

Yes, they are certainly blunt with each other; I don't deny that. I can't point to any specific quotes at the moment, but if I remember correctly, I believe I felt that Booth was particularly hard on Brennan in Season 4.

Reminds me of the little Wonder Woman twirl at the end of the Halloween episode. Quite adorable with the childlike enthusiasm. :D

The ending of that episode made me smile. My only concern is that they're going to turn Booth into some kind of love-sick puppy that moons over her all the time. I don't think I can take that... If they write this season well, it can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. If they don't, it will make me full of sad.

But that last scene is wonderful.

I think Booth was unnecessarily mean last season - I don't know if he was trying to be mean or whether he just wasn't paying attention - but I'm willing to blame the brain tumor if it stops this year. She is weird and geeky, but so what? That's part of what makes her who she is.

I don't think many of the regular characters really understand how much Brennan loves her job - it's such an unusual thing to love.

It does make her a wonderful character, and I find that this year the characters are more themselves than last year - they're more consistent, and they're more likeable.

i LOVED her in that episode, but i sort of lost track of booth, which made me sad. because when she was getting all excited about the different periods of Egyptian art, i was really interested. and then he made me feel all geeky. which i am, admitedly, but still.

but the part with them at the end saved him in that ep. O M G so hot. and i loved how upset he got about her telling the story, and how she suddenly understood, and felt bad, and it was like she got one step closer to getting what she feels.....i could ramble all night. in summary, GREAT episode, yes?

I'm behind as well, but I'm only 1 behind now, whereas I started being ~4 episodes behind (yikes!). I don't even know how that happened, but I guess college accidentally took over my life ;)

She has these moments of childlike wonder and enthusiasm that are ridiculously charming...This is a smart, ambitious, bighearted woman -- and she continues to have my respect and affection.
I completely agree with you! ♥

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