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Booth/Brennan and Cal/Gillian [Please pardon the rambling.]
Cal/Gillian Honey End Scene
Booth & Brennan, Cal & Gillian.  One thing these two friendships (?) have in common is the insistence on a line.  There are good, solid reasons for there being boundaries between them -- and yet they cross them, in different ways -- again and again.  Because the heart wants what the heart wants.  

What is particularly striking to me about Cal and Gillian's relationship, however, is the subtlety and restraint they display.  I'm remembering the scene in Sacrifice (at least I think it was Sacrifice), when Gillian tells Cal about Alec's cocaine problem, and realizes that Cal thought he was having an affair. 

“You thought he was having an affair.”

“I was afraid you were going to get hurt.”

“You were protecting me?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

Then she tells him she thinks it's best if they respect the line.  My shippy heart was both sad and glad.  I think Gillian knows that things could get messy between her and Cal.  She knows, and she wants to remain committed to her marriage.  Her integrity is one of the things I love about her character.  Cal doesn't argue with her.  He accepts what she's said and then he walks out of the room and down the hallway.  Except there's this moment when he pauses; you only see him from the back, so his expression isn't visible.  It doesn't need to be:  the pause says it all.  He accepts Gillian's request.  Because it's the right thing to do.  But he's sad, too. 

Fantastic, subtle acting.  Not only that, but their entire exchange feels so mature and so shockingly real.  It doesn't feel like it's played for drama.  The mutual caring and emotion is evident, but there are reasons why they can't get (more) involved.  So they don't.        

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And it's not spelled out in capital letters, 12 feet high, signposted....!

They're all about the subtle. I love it :)

I like when Emily speaks for us shippers though, like when she said Cal was so much better when he was with Gillian vs. her mom.

Subtle is what Cal and Gillian do that so many other fandoms and shows have screwed up these days.

Don't shove it in our faces, let us inferto our little heart's desire!

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