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You can't handle the truth.
Baby Rhino
Overheard in the storytime room during a kids' program at the library:

Mom: "What do you see, honey?"

Girl: "I see a pee-pee!"

Mom: "Stop that. If you say that again, we're going home."

To be fair, one of the drawings on the wall was kind of in the shape of a penis.

Moral of this story: don't ask a question unless you're prepared to get an answer.

*Moments like this remind me that we still have such a loooooong way to go with M.; she isn't even close to that phase yet.

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I know I'm not even close to being a mother, but I'd like to think if my child ever did something like that, I'd end up laughing and agreeing :)

*g* Totally agree. It was an honest answer. I'm still laughing about it.

That sounds about right for me, too.

why is she going to fault the little kid for giving the right answer?

like plazmah I too would have laughed...or tried not to laugh

kids really do say the darned things...and you will tell that story over and over again lol

Hee, that's hilarious! To be honest, I'm definitely more the mom who would say, "Wow, you're right, that is a pee-pee!", lol.

That's not a bad thing! A body part is a body part. :)

Please promise me that you will teach your daughter the correct name for body parts? To me, you want to teach your kid shame - tell them it's called "down there" or some such crap. Be matter of the fact - a penis or vagina is no better or worse than an arm or a leg.

Anyway, your story reminds me of this:

When my niece was 3 1/2, she went to a nursery school that had the parents participate also. So, one day my niece proudly went up to every kid in the class and stated (loudly), you have a penis, you have a vagina, etc. The other mothers obviously wanted to kill my sister. She just smiled at my niece and said "that's right".

I promise -- because I agree with you 1000%. The alternative is like calling an eye a bonbon. Makes no sense.

Your sister is made of awesome. ♥

How are you feeling, btw?

The new medicine seems to be making a difference. So hopefully, I will continue to improve.

My oldest was about 4 when she went tie-shopping with her dad. She pointed to a silk (expensive!!) intricately-patterned tie on the wall and said, "Why does that one have sperm all over it?"

I thought the salesman was going to pee himself.

That's funny and adorable. Does your daughter know this story? :)

My kids know ALL their FLK (funny-little-kid) stories, and delight in repeating and even improving on them!

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