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You can't handle the truth.
Baby Rhino
Overheard in the storytime room during a kids' program at the library:

Mom: "What do you see, honey?"

Girl: "I see a pee-pee!"

Mom: "Stop that. If you say that again, we're going home."

To be fair, one of the drawings on the wall was kind of in the shape of a penis.

Moral of this story: don't ask a question unless you're prepared to get an answer.

*Moments like this remind me that we still have such a loooooong way to go with M.; she isn't even close to that phase yet.

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Hee, that's hilarious! To be honest, I'm definitely more the mom who would say, "Wow, you're right, that is a pee-pee!", lol.

That's not a bad thing! A body part is a body part. :)

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