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Wednesday Smiles
My smile: We've had some unseasonably warm weather lately. ♥

How about you?

I mostly post fannish things in this journal, but I think it's easy to forget that there is a real person behind the fic and the Bones commentary. Same goes for other people, of course. So I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our humanity.

If you'd like to do so, please tell me something that made you smile this week, no matter how small. Could be the snuggle your dog gave you on Monday, the song you discovered on Tuesday, or the way your significant other smiled at you today. I've been posting these since December 2007. If you feel up to it, please respond—here, in your own journal, or elsewhere. Feel free to post more than one thing and/or respond to other comments.

Why am I doing this? Because I think it is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses, big and small, that we all experience. Being able to focus on one positive thing, however small, can give one a valuable sense of perspective.

Why Wednesday? I figure a little mid-week cheer can't hurt. :)

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Grandpa Booth on Bones tonight! I'm actually skipping a meeting to stay home and watch this. I'm am a bad bad girl, but a good good fan! ;)

Come on Hart, give us some great Booth backstory!!! You teased us in 'Mayhem on a Cross' don't let us down now!

I can barely contain myself!!!!!

Now let's just hope that someone in EST records the bloody thing and posts it promptly! Enough with this scrounging for downloads crap!

Naughty LSQ! *g* Now that you've seen the ep, I hope you thought it was worth it. :)

It really really was. I hardly ever play hookey, but it was SO worth it! :D

I have my "halfway" ultrasound tomorrow morning!! Still not going to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. I have one of each, so this will be such a fun surprise!!! But I still get to see our new little baby on the screen tomorrow!!!

Will you get a pic that can be scanned? I smell an LJ post!

Your icon is too cute! *g*

You have great willpower; I thought I wanted to be surprised, but then I changed my mind.

How exciting. Ultrasounds are so magical; enjoy the moment. ♥ How are you feeling these days?

my first day back after a week and a half, and all my wonderful friends mobbed me and hugged me, and it was the best.

also......see icon^

That's great, honey. :)

BTW, who is that in your icon?

Edited at 2009-11-19 02:20 pm (UTC)

stefen salvetore from the vampire diaries. the actors name is paul wesley. ;)

I'm on track with my NaNo and getting a better idea of who my characters are every day :)

Plus it's Glee Wednesday! :)

Congrats! :) Lots have dropped out of NaNo by this point.

I'm with you on the weather - it's been in the low to mid 60s here all week (it hit 75 on Sunday) and the sun has been bright and shining. Such a nice change from the wet cold that has been all over Maryland lately.

Yeah, what a gorgeous wkend! :) Hope you were able to get outside a bit.

I am doing final edits on my IWRY story! Yeah!

Woot woot! Congrats, R. :)

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