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Fic: Trouble Me (Double Drabble #4)
B&W B/B - lerdo

Title: Trouble Me
Series:  All That Lies Between Us
Word Count: 200
Characters: Brennan, Booth
A/N: This double drabble is set at an undetermined time in the future.

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Trouble Me

When the solid warmth at her back disappears, Temperance wakes. Booth slips from the bed, and she knows he's trying to be quiet to keep from waking her. He limps toward the bathroom; she frowns, then remembers that snow is coming.

She rises and pads to the closet. When he returns from the bathroom, she is sitting up, cross-legged.

“Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you,” he says with a smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

“Shh.” She pats the space in front of her. Once he's seated, she crawls forward and adjusts the heating pad so it covers his feet.

He sighs, and the sound echoes the ache that must be in his feet. “Thank you.”

Wrapping her arms around him from behind, Temperance rests her chin on his shoulder and does something completely irrational—she closes her eyes and wishes for a world in which people didn't kill, and good men didn't suffer. She wishes she had the power to erase the things he has silently endured.

As the morning light illuminates the first cold flakes outside their window, she presses her cheek against his. “No, Booth. Thank you.”

He reaches up to cover her hands with his.

So someone told me that this drabble is a bit confusing. Whatever interpretation YOU have is fine, but if you're curious about my intent, read on:


From Two Bodies in the Lab:

Brennan: (opens the file) "You know on your x-rays, there’s a history of multiple fractures on your feet consistent with beating. It’s a common method of torture in the Middle East, beating the soles of the feet with pipes or hoses."

So Booth was tortured when he was a Ranger. Often, people with old injuries like broken bones experience pain when the weather changes, especially if cold, rain, or snow are coming. Temperance wakes when Booth gets up. She sees him limp toward the bathroom and then realizes his feet must hurt. When he returns. she's plugged in the heating pad, and she puts it on his feet. She knows WHY his feet hurt, and that's why she makes the specific wishes she makes.

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Duly noted, hon. :)

You know, I had a feeling that this one might confuse some people, but I initially posted it without an explanation because I wanted it to be subtle, and I wanted to leave it up to people to see it however they wanted to. But then someone let me know they felt like they missed something, even though they could feel some emotion in this. So then I explained to her what my intent had been. Which made me think that maybe lots of people were reading this and just going "What the hell?" so I did a 180 and decided maybe I SHOULD post an explanation. In any case, in response to your comment, I've now added a bit of "spoiler space" in case people don't want to read something boring about authorial intent. Hopefully that's a happy medium.

And I haven't posted this drabble at any comms yet. I sometimes worry that maybe I'm spamming comms with fic updates. I don't mean to, but I write and post fairly frequently, so I worry about that. But your suggestion is a good one if I do post this at a comm.

How hysterical is it that this comment is longer than the piece? *g*

Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion, sweets. :)

Edited at 2007-12-15 03:14 pm (UTC)

Awesome and wonderful and yay.

But NO NO NO NO!!! Don't feel like you're spamming!!! It's only spamming if the content is crap. And yours is BRILLIANT! Seriously, it's so amazing when you get a lot of fic from a great author. It's a welcome change from the craploads of fic BAD authors post. THEY are spamming. You are sharing the love. So much love.

There. Now post away. No insecurities.

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