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Help me, please. (aka Appealing to the hive-mind)

I should stop posting new LJ entries when I have so many comments to respond to. But I really need your help.

How do you deal with email? I have multiple accounts. The one I use for fannish activities (LJ,, etc.) is a Yahoo account. But I have an INSANE number of emails in my inbox. Some are LJ notifications for comments, posts I'm tracking, and so on. Some are honest-to-goodness emails from people. I'm sure I've not replied to emails I should have, and that ppl think I'm a schmuck as a result.

I'm sure things are falling through the cracks. Some msgs are in folders, but there's an overwhelming number of messages just crowded into that damned inbox, and I just don't know what to do.

So I ask you again, how do YOU deal with emails -- in general and/or with LJ notifications?

Help! I need somebody...

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