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Happy Holidays
Good morning, f-list.  Things here are a bit nutty right now:  family's coming into town, family's going out of town, we're going to Miami for a few days over Christmas (first time flying with M! *eek*), there's a snow storm coming tonight/tomorrow, etc.  So I'm not really here right now, but I wanted to say hi and give you all some (virtual, sadly) hugs.  Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, and best wishes for the coming new year to all of you and your families.  Our cards are supposed to be arriving on the 22nd, so if you requested one, I'll be sending you one after that.  And if you didn't request one, I may bug you for your address anyway. ;) I'll pop back in if I can.  I'm itching to write some fic, but I'm not sure if that's feasible.  Oh, and please don't mind if you catch me being lurky mclurkerson, either, during this period. *hugs*

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Happy Holidays to you! I have your address and am planning to send you a card!

Enjoy your time!

I hope travel with M goes smoothly *crosses fingers*. We're going to be in Orlando from the 28th-3rd; FL is going to be a much cooler place for a couple days ;)

Enjoy the holidays, hun! (((hugs)))

Have a wonderful holiday! We'll be here waiting for your return!

I live in Miami and sadly the weather has been absolute poo. It's been raining nonstop. Hopefully, it clears up and we'll remember why we're called the Sunshine State. Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays, hon! I will try to get you a card out soonish - I'm procrastinating big-time this year! :)
Enjoy your family and travels - hope everything goes smoothly - and BE CAREFUL!! *hugs*

I was in a bit of a fog when you first asked but I really would like to remain on your Christmas card list :)

Happy Holidays. Be safe and have fun traveling!

Happy Holiday to you and la famille and have a lovely trip! Miami... I'm not jealous at all. HA! And hopefully you'll get some writing in. I'd love to see it (no pressure though...)

have a really fantastic holiday, and fun in miami! and good luck with the flight, i hope its smooth as can be. =)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Lerdo. :)

Hope your holidays go well and everything is pulled off smoothly, and that M does well with her first flight! *hugs back*

Have a fabulous holiday time, sweetie! Your snow even made the news over here!!!

Hope you get to do everything you want to.

See you soon!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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