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beta request for an already-posted Bones WIP
Forgive me, but all my writerly insecurities are flapping in the wind. One thousand years ago I started writing a Bones fic titled Come Undone.  A baby, a general lack of free time, and a healthy dose of doubt got in the way.  Now, a gazillion years later, all three impediments still exist.  However, I'd also like to pick this story back up again.  Emphasis on like.  I don't know if I can, I don't know how frequently I can update, I don't know if I've bitten off more than I, personally, can chew, etc. etc.  But I'd like to at least try. So I'm looking for some help, from one or more people.  I need some fresh eyes on this old story.  Here are the links:  Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3.  What I'm hoping for is a bit amorphous -- a sounding board to help me chew over and generate some ideas, occasionally a cheerleader/hand-holder (just being honest here), and someone who'll suggest changes for the existing and future chapters if she thinks they're necessary.  But caveat emptor because I'm not 100% sure this is going anywhere right now, and I don't know that my life as it is today will allow me to stick to any kind of strict timetable.  What I do know is that IF this story is going to progress, I need some help jamming it loose.  I'm afraid that the further I get from it, the harder it's going to be return.  Hell, several seasons of the show have already passed... This probably doesn't sound like something you want to get yourself into, but if you can tolerate a high level of uncertainty and are willing to help, give me a shout here or via PM or email.

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I'd love to help in any way I can.

Hugs, hugs, hugs.

I just re-read the three chapters and I'm amazed all over again at how wonderful they are. I'm also willing to help out however I can. I'm not usually an idea person - as in I'm not the person to turn to for an idea out of the blue - but I'm opinionated and can discuss alternatives once I have a starting place. If I can help, let me know.

I'll be available this weekend, if you want to send anything my way. kirbydiaz at hotmail dot com.

You know I'm Come Undone 's biggest fan so of course I'd love to help bring this baby to life again. :)

I see that you've got lots of help offered and as much as I'd love to toss in, I just don't know what my time is going to be like so I wouldn't want to commit and then not be able to meet your time limits. But I'm SO excited that you'd even think about continuing on with it. HURRAH!

Excited to hear you're thinking about continuing with writing Come Undone! I know you've probably got gobs of offers, but if you need another set of eyes, or even someone to just say "GO LERDO! YOU CAN DO IT!", I'm always here to help :)

Baby you KNOW I'm in if you need me!!!

I ADORE that fic :)

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