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DH is holding daughter for literally 3 minutes while I post this.  If she's awake, I can't get near a computer because she's so interested in what I'm doing that she wants to "type," too.  ;) 

I have gotten some gorgeous cards from people here, and I want to thank you for them.  Rather than going off my memory and likely forgetting someone, I will wait till M. naps and I can look at the actual cards. *hugs*

If you've left me an address, your cards are going out this Saturday.  I have a bunch, so if you want one and didn't give me your info, you still have time.  Not because a card from me is so special, but because I know how nice it is to receive "real" mail instead of sales circulars and bills.  :) 

I am so tired of being sick; it's been almost two weeks, but this cold is still hanging on.  Barely, but it's still there.  If you've got some spare "good health" vibes, would you send a sprinkling my way?

Talk to you in a bit. 

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*sends vibes*

feel better! colds are the worst.

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