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Bones Fic: What Would Happen If We Kissed? (12/?)
Temperance - lerdo
Title:  What Would Happen If We Kissed? (12/?)
Pairing: Brennan/Booth
Story Rating: R
Word Count:  1,220
This story is set in Season 2, after Episode 11 (Judas on a Pole), though I may have changed the exact month.
Summary: Thoughts of Booth are keeping Brennan awake at night. Question is, what is she going to do about it? This story is set in Season 2, after Episode 11.
Spoilers:  Through 2x11 (Judas on a Pole)
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Chapter 11

Ch. 12: The path is overgrown and strewn with thorns.

Brennan stepped into her apartment, letting the door click shut behind her. She had left Booth's place after they had breakfast; he had stood by his living room window and watched her go, flashing her a smile and a jaunty wave as she unlocked her car door.

Here the hardwood floor gleamed a dark gold in the diffuse autumn sunlight, and she allowed her gaze to wander what suddenly seemed like an unfamiliar place. Not that that was rational, of course; she'd only stayed with Booth since Thursday night -- certainly not long enough to have forgotten her own home. Yet in some inexplicable way, it felt as though it had been much longer. If this was an artifact of the physical intimacy she had shared with her partner, she most definitely did not like it.

Frowning at her own foolishness, she shook her head and stacked her mail neatly on the hall table, vowing to deal with it later. Their interlude had been highly satisfactory, she mused with a shiver, but it had ended: now it was time to return to her routine. A woman with her responsibilities could ill-afford to daydream and dawdle.

With fresh determination, she strode down the hall to her bedroom. Perhaps a shower would help clear her head of the fog that had settled in it, and put her back in the correct frame of mind. As she pulled off her jeans, something fell out of her pocket. She bent to retrieve it, her mouth forming a smile when her fingers skimmed over the wings of the origami swan Booth had carelessly flicked her after dinner the night before. He'd fashioned it from a napkin; a rather humble medium, she acknowledged. His words, and the simple dinner he'd made for her, returned to her then: Maybe you should....let people do things for you sometimes.

But that would mean dependence, and the life she now had, the life she had built for herself, rested on a foundation of independence and self-reliance. She didn't need others to do for her; she did perfectly fine on her own, two nights of sleeping in Booth's arms notwithstanding.

No. She should throw it away. What possible reason could she have for keeping a folded napkin?

Sighing, she gently placed the crumpled gift on her bedside table.

She switched on the shower and stepped in without allowing the water to heat up first. The bracing effect of the cold was precisely what she needed to dispel the remnants of her pleasurable but finite time with her partner.

Her movements were quick, efficient, as she soaped her arms and shoulders. But when it came time to do her back, her hands suddenly slowed, the memory of Booth's warm fingers sliding over her skin flooding back with blinding clarity. A heavy ache began between her legs and traveled upward to her chest, where it lodged. She swallowed, assaulted by images of Booth gazing at her with pure masculine appreciation shining in his eyes before he...

The bar of soap slipped and hit the tub floor with a solid thunk that abruptly brought her back to herself.

It was over. Her curiosity had been satisfied; the tension had been dispelled. Yes, it had, she firmly reminded herself. This was ridiculous: she stood in her shower, in her home, yet every small thing reminded her of Booth in a way that defied explanation and deeply unsettled her. Ignoring the throb that echoed in her body, she decided she would finish showering and head to the lab. She would not consider Booth's offer to "do it again."

Most assuredly not.

She had just settled into her office chair and reached for a folder perched on her desk when her cell phone rang. Lips firming at the interruption, she palmed the phone and brought it to her ear. "Brennan," she answered, making no attempt to hide her irritation.

"Tempe, it's me."

Despite the faint crackle of static, the caller's identity was unmistakable. The familiarity of the voice on the other end of the line made her breath stutter. "Max?" she said, catching herself before "Dad" could tumble out instead. "Where are you?"

"Now honey, you know I can't tell you that." A smile colored his voice. "I know I let you get the drop on me once, but I'm not senile yet."

"That is debatable," she replied, scowling.

He chuckled, and she beat back the infinitesimal part of her that warmed at the sound. "Listen, I don't have long. I just wanted to let you know that your brother and I are together, and everything's fine."

After several weeks of wondering how Russ and her father were doing, the unexpected phone call did bring with it some small portion of relief.

But it also raised a bleak, ugly truth: Once again, she had been left behind. The memory of that long-ago "guys' weekend" rose in her mind, and her fingers tightened on the phone. Once again, she had been forced to watch her closest living relatives take off, this time her grief and humiliation compounded by the fact that she had been left handcuffed to a bench.

None of that should still bother her, however, she rationalized. How many years had she survived, no, thrived, without her parents and brother? Two successful, meaningful careers that brought her a high level of satisfaction and allowed her to live more than comfortably. By any objective measure, she was doing much better than simply getting by.

Having thus silently reassured herself, Brennan forced her fingers to relax. "Did you do it?" she asked, fighting to regain control of the conversation -- and her wayward emotions. "Did you murder Deputy Director Kirby?"

"Honey," he chided, "you know I can't answer that."

"The coin, it was there, and he was eviscerated and burnt. I know it was you." She paused, inhaling shakily. "We all know it was you."

"Kirby wasn't one of the good guys," he replied. She noticed he didn't refute her accusation. "Whatever he got, he deserved," he continued, his voice so full of conviction that she shivered in response. "He was a crooked cop. Not like your Booth."

"He's not my Booth," she countered automatically. "We are partners. Nothing more and nothing less." All true -- except that he had held her when the nightmare of her time buried underground had gripped her with icy fingers -- and she had let him.

"If that's what you need to tell yourself... But take it from me; I know a little something about leading a double life."

"I am not going to discuss this with you." The words came out sharp. "As a matter of fact, I am not going to discuss anything with you. This conversation is over."

"I'm sorry I upset you, Tempe. That wasn't my intention." He paused, as if waiting for her to comment. When she said nothing, he sighed into the silence. "Just...take care of yourself, honey. And let people take care of you, OK? Remember, I love--"

She didn't want to hear him say it. Buoyed by a sudden surge of anger, she disconnected the call.

Afterward, she spent several long minutes with her forehead propped on her hands, wishing she didn't feel so irrevocably, unbearably alone.

A/N: If you've got a sec, let me know what you thought. :)

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Oh, man. Why have I never read this fic before? This chapter alone is absolutely gorgeous.

You nailed Brennan and Max on the head with the characterizations. I think one of the most difficult tasks I see in Brennan POV fic is getting the inner voice just right, but you definitely hit it out of the ballpark. Just beautiful, beautiful work.

A few of my favorite parts:

This was ridiculous: she stood in her shower, in her home, yet every small thing reminded her of Booth in a way that defied explanation and deeply unsettled her.

I love everything about this sentence, right down to its structure.

A heavy ache began between her legs and traveled upward to her chest, where it lodged.

As soon as I read this, I could feel that ache in my chest. I love it when words become a physical manifestation. Beautifully rendered. <3

Okay, I'm off to read the rest of this! *squishes you*

I'm so glad to see the next chapter of this. It has to be one of my favourites.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this on my flist this morning and then I squeed in GLEE! I'm so glad you wrote another part in this! I'm loving the series (I don't know if I've told you that before or not)!

Here the hardwood floor gleamed a dark gold in the diffuse autumn sunlight, and she allowed her gaze to wander what suddenly seemed like an unfamiliar place. Beautiful description! I can see it so clearly! And the sentiment of the normal being strange after so short a time is a fantastic touch!

I loved the sense memory of Booth washing her back grabbed Brennan so hard and I loved your insight into her thoughts on everything. She's fighting so hard against herself and it's such a real and vivid struggle the way you're writing! It's fantastic to watch! :)

Loved it!!

I't nice to see how Brennan is struggling with her feelings. She was the one that started all this and now look who's confused. :)

Thanks for keeping writing this.


I hadn't read the previous chapters in a while, so I went back and did so. I was shocked to see how prescient you were!

- Cool on the surface = Iceland in Season 4 finale!
- Grilled cheese sandwiches = Pops' specialty!

Did you squeal when you saw those things in the episodes? I admit I had a disoriented moment where I had to check the blog entry dates to confirm that yes, you had written them BEFORE any of that had aired.

So... feel like telling me some PowerBall numbers? :)

so spectacular. i adore this story SO FREAKING MUCH. i can't wait for more! please don't make me content myself with cannon! its not as cute as this!

writing wise i love how you've gotten into her head and really explained her thought process, i just hope you'll let her realize her luuuuuuuve soon. ;)


Oh, Tempe. Doesn't she realize all it'll take is one little phone call and she won't have to be alone anymore? *sigh*

So glad you updated, L! Yours are the only Bones fics I ever read. ;-)

I just read the entire fic and only one word comes to mind: **AMAZING**!

I'm strapped for time so I can't write out a lengthy review BUT I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading this story and I absolutely cannot wait for another update.

You nailed where Brennan was emotionally at that time. I think she's come a lot further, but then her walls were still very thick. Hopefully, Booth will be able to break them down.

ARGH this series is SO good. You need to update like EVERY DAY! I love it!

She's not going to be in a good mood for the rest of the day, she needs Booth to make her happy again!

Wonderful chapter as always! (sorry for the massive spamage of comments on the chapters)

You know, when you post additional chapters to a WIP, it just forces me to re-read the existing ones. Darn. I don't really have that kind of time, but I've managed to squeeze in all of the chapters anyway. ;-)

What I forget when I haven't read these stories in a while is how *spot on* all of your characters sound. You write Brennan, Angela, Booth, and everyone else in the Bonesverse as the best canon versions of themselves. I can't get enough of it.

Sorry, I forget that LJ doesn't know me.


I confess that I didn't remember this fic and I needed to read the previous chapter, but I read two or three lines of that and I knew why this is my favourite fanfic of yours.

And I like how Brennan is confusing about her feelings. She needs Booth, but she doesn't know… for now. It will be great when she will realize about it :)

I just read all the chapters and must say that I really enjoyed reading this story so far. Hot sex scenes, emotional conflicts, Brennans family, the squints... Really good so far. :)

I just finished rereading and catching up on this fic! Excellent, excellent work!

Oh, Brennan. You are not alone.

Keep up the nice work! Your characterizations are always so spot on. You especially capture Brennan so well. I hope she's able to come the conclusion soon that Booth wants to take care of her and wants to make sure she's not alone.

Oh I really loved this installment, and I'm looking forward to the next one; which I'm hoping isn't 12 months away? *hopeful hopeful look*

I like your take on Brennan, mostly because it's a lot like mine - someone who makes an awful lot of decisions based on a need to avoid being abandoned, and the pain that does involve; something she knows all too well. And I like how thoughts of Booth are starting to invade her personal space. I'd really like to know how she reacts to Booth the next time she sees him!

This series is great, I actually have it bookmarked so I can go back to it. I think you're the best Bones fic writer in the fandom. :)

I always treasure every Brennan/Max scene (and I suppose it's because of my own story with my father), so even though it's not Wednesday (and I don't remember which day of the week I read this chapter the first time) I can tell you that it made me smile completely.

I'm already looking forward to the continuation. This was great. ;)

Hey hey, new chapter of old fic...I love seeing that on the f-list. I just had time to skim it, so all I can say for the moment is "yay!" and "I will be back later to absorb the awesome!"

This was amazing, and I absolutely enjoyed how well you wrote down the characterization of Booth, Brennan, and even Max. I will admit though, I'd like to see more of those squints. It's not Bones without those squints, in my minds eye.

Wonderful job.

Love your stuff! Thanks for updating when you get the chance!!

So. I've spent the better part of today reading through all your fic, and it's safe to say I want to steal you away and make you mine so you can write ALL THE TIME.

But, that seems a bit rude, so I'll just say that I absolutely adore your writing. ADORE. I haven't gotten through it all yet, but every word so far has been utterly beautiful. Your characters are perfect, the stories bring out an incredible range of emotions, and your imagery is just...stunning.

(And uh, hot, in the case of this fic. Holy god the hot. Rawr!)

I can't wait to finish reading the rest of your work, and then I'll be waiting eagerly for updates!

And aside from the wonderful writing, you sound like a very lovely person as well. So, hi. :)

This is really good i cant wait to read the next one.

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I felt your characters were true to the Bones and Booth we all know and love, and I can't wait to read more of your writing - thee stuff I've read already is fantastic.

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