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mea culpa
Sometimes we hurt or offend people without intending to and without necessarily even realizing it.  So if I have hurt you in some way -- if I missed an important post or comment, if I said that something that hit you the wrong way, if I forgot something I should have remembered -- I am sorry.

This post isn't prompted by anything specific. I just know that the biggest downside of having a child (for me) is the startling way in which time contracted -- and hasn't yet really expanded again. Maybe it will be years before it does; I don't know.  I know things slip past me all the time...  If you slipped past me, I apologize.

It is rare that I actually intend to hurt or anger someone; unfortunately, it's usually my DH who's on the receiving end of that. *g*  So if I tripped over my tongue with you, I apologize.

Please forgive me, if you can.

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You have never been less than warm, sensitive, funny, and absolutely delightful to me.


I've always known you to be kind, generous, warm and courteous here. (((hugs)))

I can't imagine you doing anything to hurt anyone and anyone who doesn't understand the realities of new motherhood needs to get over themselves.

Awww *hugs*. Like the others, I can't imagine you with anything but goodness to give others. :)

I can't imagine you ever being intentionally mean to ANYONE (however we all do so to our dear husbands at some point *g*). I, like you, find that a lot of stuff slips by me due to RL time constraints.

We'd rather have a bit of you than none of you at all! ♥

Echoing what others have said, you have never been anything but warm, kind, gracious and supportive to me.

Enjoy your daughter, enjoy the time you have with her, we'll be here when you can be here.

Hugs to you.

I worry slightly that you haven't added me back as a friend (I'm paranoid like that), but you've never been anything but nice to me! <3

I can't imagine you ever being anything but kind, Lerdo!

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