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Coach Taylor


(I am only current through S4, Ep. 1; please don't spoil me.)

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Awesome! It's a great, great show. ♥

OMG, right?!

*twitches waiting for you to catch up*


*twitches waiting for you to catch up*

You and me both, bb. ♥

I WATCH FNL! It's practically the only thing i blog about any more. It has to be one of my most-used tags.

However don't read them now (if you plan to read them) since I'm sure they are full of spoilers.


I will read them -- once I'm totally caught up.


I know! It's so good it makes me TYPE IN THE CAPSLOCK OF DOOM. *g*

You're not the first one that recommends it to me. It's the one with Kyle Chandler, isn't it? I'll give it a chance. :)

I had never seen Kyle Chandler in anything before I jumped into this show. He's so great -- as is the rest of cast. I really can't say enough good things about this show. And it's not a 'ship that's drawn me to FNL. I must be crazy. *g*

I loved Kyle Chandler in Early Edition years ago. I'm d/l-ing The Mentalist, but will try FNL too. I'll need shows to watch during my sick leave. :)

I gives up, What is Friday Night Lights? Is that the same as the Friday night football results we get here by that name?

It a show about a small town in Texas whose life revolves around HS football. I hate football, but I love this show. It's amazing, so full of truth and affection for these people.

Most episodes make me laugh and cry.

Plus the two main characters, the coach and his wife, have the greatest, most true to life marriage I've ever seen portrayed.

Much grass. I will have to try and find it online as hubby wouldn't watch it with me (unless it is on HGTV or History?)


a2zmom gave you a perfect description of this show. If you're ever looking for another show, at least give FNL a try.

I've been watching since it started. I hate that I have to wait so long for the seasons (except for dl'ing)! I believe it's one of the best shows on TV and it always amazes me that nobody watches it. I know alot of people (females) stay away because they assume it's all about football and would be bored. I try to convince them otherwise, but I usually fail. I'm happy you've discovered it and like it so much!

For the longest time, I kept hearing how truly excellent this show was. Amazon recently had a great sale on the first few seasons; I took a risk and bought them. DH and I started watching and were immediately hooked.

Now, he's always been a big football fan. Me? Not so much. It doesn't bug me that HE loves it, but it's never really grabbed me. FNL, though, we are both passionate about. It's anything but boring; it's about so much more than football, too. The relationships, the issues... They're all so compelling. I wish this wasn't such an undiscovered gem. I know it's on most critics' best-of lists, but too many regular TV viewers are missing out.

This show deserves to be HUGE.

I love this show so much. It just hits me in all the right places.

Your comment about it showing a very realistic portrayal of marriage is spot-on. ♥

It's such a wonderful show; I really wish more people watched it.

It's been on my list to watch for awhile. Definitely will be moving to the top soon.

Definitely try an ep or two and see what you think. I adore it.

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