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Friday Night Lights: Random Thoughts Post #1
Coach Taylor
I am blown away by how this show has lovingly and meticulously developed Matty Saracen's character arc. From Season 1 to now, in Season 4, it all makes sense. He gave and he gave; he submerged his own needs time and again: for his grandmother's sake, his father's sake, his team's sake, his girlfriend's sake...

The look on his face when he opened the casket -- and during that final shot of his shoveling dirt over the casket.  I swear both gutted me.

Until finally, finally, he did something purely for himself: he left Dillon.

It was all building to this.

God, this kid and this show amaze me.

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For me, Matt is the heart of the show. More than any other character, I just want him to be ok.

You're right; he is the heart. Such a decent, good person. ♥ I hope we hear more about where he is and what he's doing.

that scene with matt and the casket made me cry EVERY TIME i saw it. such good acting, such a well written character.

it still kinda boggles me that more people don't watch. like everyone knows that those who do adore it, but others don't seem to want to give it a try.

... how wrong is it that i don't have any fnl icons?

Word. Just, word. That last shot of him shoveling dirt was something else. I loved how they filmed it as if the camera was watching him from within the casket.

You know the scene where he was having a late dinner at the Taylors' house, and he couldn't eat because he kept picturing his dad, and then he just lost it, but even in the midst of his meltdown he couldn't stop apologizing and trying to make it all OK for everyone else? Blew me away. That, right there, is the heart of that character. What Zach Gilford did there was too good to be called acting.

I'm singing this show's praises to everyone I know. We loaned Season 1 dvds to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law when they came down this wkend. I think they're hooked. :D But yeah, you're right: it boggles the mind that more people aren't watching this awesome show.

To be honest, this show makes most other shows look pretty crappy. I'm not saying I HAVE to compare, but FNL kind of makes me want to stop watching almost anything else.

I only have two FNL icons; got 'em at fnl_icons. Get thee there!

Omg, that last scene.... ok even before that... probably from when he opened the casket forwards... I was a heaping, sobbing mess.

It was just all so brilliantly done, every little bit of it.

...and like bea_tricks, I've just realized I don't have any FNL icons either.

That was just a stellar episode, and Matty was so, so heartbreaking in his grief and confusion. I don't blame you for crying.

The two FNL icons I have, I got from fnl_icons. Chances are you'll find some you like over there.

It really was. The emotion of the whole thing was just... wow... I re-watched the ending earlier and still had chills...

Thanks for the rec. I did find two there that I snagged; problem rectified :)

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