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Friday Night Lights fanfiction?
Matty B'n'W
Is there decent fic for FNL? If so, where can I find it? *makes grabby hands*

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Link spam time! The only thing I love more than FNL is the fandom for FNL, because there's not a ton of fic but it tends to be really, really, REALLY good. I don't have a lot of recent recs because I haven't seen this season, but here are a few links you might find useful :-)

There were some awesome FNL stories written for Yuletide this year, which you can find here. Fades, If You Let It is particularly good.

40 Miles North of Presidio isn't just my favorite FNL fic, it's in my top 10 fics of all time. It's a bit AU now, I suppose, but not distractingly so - and the flawless Tim voice is amazing.

I personally love Tami/Eric backstory fic (an entire subgenre in and of itself, and rightly so). Keep Your Eyes Wide Open, Your Tools in Your Belt makes me flail A LOT. the romance of west texas never gave me good advice is tagged as Coach/Mrs. Coach, which gives you an idea as to how well minervacat gets them :-)

Polyamorous Recs hasn't been updated in awhile, but it's always my first stop for recs in a new fandom. Check out their FNL page for some classics.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to start reading. My husband and I starting watching this winter, and I am seriously jonesing for some good fic -- backstory, current, or future-ish. I just had no clue where to start. :)

Check out the fic that was done each year for yuletide. There were gems for the community.

Ooh! Good suggestion. Thank you. ♥

I second the rec of Keep Your Eyes Wide Open, Your Tools In Your Belt

And some others-

Various Secrets Eric Keeps From Tami That She Probably Already Knows Anyway
The Biggest Win (Eric/Tami, pre-series)
Texas Forever (Riggins, future)
the suitcase that you dropped (Eric/Tami, pre-series)
bright yellow sky (Jess, S4)

Hello! Thank you for these recs; I have been dying to read some FNL fic. This show has eaten my brain. ♥

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