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nonsensical rambling
If you've left me a comment lately, I'll respond soon.  But not right now.  I just need to ramble a bit, and that trumps everything else at the moment.

I haven't been on the 'net much lately -- here or at Twitter.  Things have been busy, and I've just felt a bit... blah.

In terms of fandom, I feel very removed from Bones.  To be honest, the show's on hiatus and I'm not sure I even miss it. (That doesn't mean I don't love the people I've met because of the show.) I don't want to watch old episodes. And while I wish I wanted to write (or read) Bones fic, I don't. This is likely just a natural and temporary ebb in my relationship with the show; I'm not sure about that, though.  Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's the lack of new episodes.  Maybe I just need a break. Or maybe Bones simply doesn't match the quality or adult-ness of some of the other shows I've watched recently; shows like Friday Night Lights and The Good Wife

Regardless, I don't know what's the cause of my current lack of interest in all things Bones.  I just know that it makes me sad.  It's just a TV show, it's not the entirety of my life, blah blah blah. Still feel a little empty, though. Silly, huh?

So what are you watching these days?  I'm thinking about Damages, Farscape, In Plain Sight, Lost, Fringe, Sports Night, Supernatural, True Blood, Angel, or The Vampire Diaries (tell me: is this show just awful?).  Any thoughts on what I should hit next, even if it's not on this list?

On a non-fandom note, M. tried ice cream for the first time today; she was totally unimpressed. *g*  We thought we'd go simple -- plain, vanilla ice cream.  I offered her a few tastes, and she kept spitting it out and giving me the "Mommy, you're nuts if you think I'm going to eat this" look.  DH and I thought it was hysterical.

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I feel exactly the same about the Bones fandom. I am not active in it at all. I never read fic anymore or read stuff on 206_bones. Personally, the way the show has developed really bugs me and seems to have jumped the shark. Join us at daysofourbones where we discuss the latest goings on and anything else except Bones.

I am voting for Fringe! The winter finale was so good :D It's one of my favorite shows now too. If you like the 60s and advertising you should check out Mad Men too.

M. doesn't like ice cream? Oh noes. We try to give our dog french fries and he continues to spit them out. They will learn eventually.

No problem, hon - you're busy just like we all are, and probably even more so with M to keep track of! :)

I feel pretty removed from Bones as well, and I know exactly how you feel. I don't know why exactly, and I don't know if it's permanent, but I've felt like this for months now, and I don't know if it'll change. I've been kind of caught up in the American Idol storm now, enjoying both the music and the lulzy moments of some of FOX's antics (plus I have a wonderfully entertaining podcast about American Idol that I love!). Mostly I got swept up in this because of last season with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta being all awesome (and giving me 3 celebrities that I now somewhat obsessively follow, and giving me a new fandom to read fic in and a new couple to ship).
ETA: Not to mention that Adam and Kris (but Adam especially) have quite possibly kind of completely changed the way I look at music and other parts of life as well. It's been an interesting experience that I'm sure I'll ramble on and on about to you all on my journal at some point once I get organized enough to do a long post about them :)

I know I'm planning on watching Friday Night Lights this summer, so I'm really excited about that as I have heard tons of good things about it (not to mention I watched the Pilot and it was awesome)! I'm sure atimi would vote for Supernatural (which is another show I need to check out more once I have time), and I've heard generally good things about True Blood, so I'd say those are definitely worth a try :)

Also, LOL @ M's reaction to ice cream! So funny & adorable, wish I could've seen her face :) ♥

Edited at 2010-03-14 11:48 pm (UTC)

It's no use me suggesting The Big Hiatus Rewatch on tempertemper's journal then if you've reached your limit on Bones!

I've been doing that, learning how to make icons and watching Mad Men and Leverage which gives me a Vincent Kartheiser and Christian Kane fix.

I've also stuck with Glee, which is complete crack, and Modern Family for the lulz.

That's me.

Chocolate ice cream? Vanilla just tastes of cold.

Oh! Yes, I second the Glee rec! Such a fun show! :)

I feel the same way about Bones...and it kind of makes me sad because that was the first fandom I liked enough to actually write fic and release it for public consumption :-) Maybe I'll get into it again sometime, and it will be nice to marathon eps I haven't already seen multiple times!

The Good Wife is amazing, isn't it? I would always recommend Sports Night to anyone who hasn't seen it, but particularly if you like Josh Charles on TGW - his performance as Dan Rydell on Sports Night is still being squeed over, a decade later, for good reason :-) My second vote would be for Fringe only because I haven't watched it and I want you to be my guinea pig, lol.

You're not being silly at all. When I finally gave up on Bones I was also really sad. I think it's because with the fanfic and CBPC... Well, I'd put a lot of myself into the fandom. I wasn't mourning the show. I was mourning the loss of activities I had truly enjoyed. *shrugs* Or maybe I over think things. :)

As for the new show vote:
Castle (or are you already watching??)

I hope you feel a bit better about it all soon! *hugs*

Oh, I second the NCIS rec! Very fun show, they all act like one big family and have fun banter and great storylines, it's wonderful! :)

(See what I'm forgetting here? Apparently I need everyone else to remind me of what I'm actually watching right now, lol)

LOL How can you forget a show with lines like this? *points to icon* Gotta love McGee. :D

Hee! I guess my best excuse is it's finals week, therefore my brain is probably fried from all the studying I did today ;)

Also, lol McGee. Love him (love them all, actually). The show's writers are hilarious - I think I want to just talk with them for hours and ask them about their writing process/see what jokes they come up with :)

I still enjoy Bones - for me, it's all about the banter.

Things that I am currently watching - The Good Wife (that really is excellent), Caprica, Lost (complete crack), Psych, How I Met Your Mother, Human Target (just fun).

Things I just finished up - Friday Nights Light, Burn Notice (one of my favorites)

Things on hiatus that I watch - Smallville (actually decent for the first time ever), Supernatural, Glee (so great), V (I'll see how it is), Fast Forward (again, I'll see how it is), Bones

Smallville really got good again, didn't it? I missed a couple of seasons and don't care. LOL!

The fact that Smallville is actually good can only mean the apocalypse is nigh.

LOLZ! OMG, someone call Superman... oh...

show wise i'm doing:
veronica mars
secret diary of a call girl
doctor who
true blood (again YOU SHOULD WATCH IT, although this is an enterily different beast from VD. since this is, you know, actually a good show. lol)
burn notice
in plain sight (so on the list. its great)
how i met your mother
i watch quite a few others, but thats the comprehensive list. *g*

we internet folk miss you when you are gone, but i certainly don't blame you for needing a break. anything you love as much as you clearly love bones will ebb and flow, and sometimes you find you've grown out of loves you thought you'd never get tired off. don't let that stop you from writing though. it doesn't have to be fic, but some one as good as you shouldn't be wasted! =) (no pressure though, its good that you have a real life!)

perhaps M would prefer her cream whipped, instead of iced. =)

Since you seem to share my taste in shows, I would recommend "The Closer" very highly. Excellent characters, writing, friendships. Just awesome. Also, "In Plain Sight" although it didn't become truly must see for me until S2. But now I can't wait for the new season to start. And, of course, Glee is just gleesome. Sue is my evil hero. If you're into period shows, I would recommend Legend of the Seeker for the crack!tastic love and melodrama. And the pretty! :D

ETA: OH! I forgot the best show ever is Dexter! You may have already watched it, but if not you *must* rent it. A. Maz. Ing.

Edited at 2010-03-15 03:02 am (UTC)

I forgot to mention "In Plain Sight"! I completely agree about how awesome its become.

I feel like my love for Bones comes and goes. I convince myself that I'm over it, then I watch a good episode and go, "maybe I'm wrong." Eh, it's on the TiVo, I get to them as I get to them.

I love getting online and talking about my shows, but sometimes this fandom really turns me off to the show...it's like there is this weird agreement that we can all complain about how much we hate this/that/the other, but the moment someone else does, it's a heinous crime. And I am so sick of the whining about the timeslot and the hiatuses. I can understand longing for a more...I'm not sure if this is the right word, but adult (or maybe "serious" or "moderated") conversation.

Recs: I started this and it got rambly, so I organized.

Fun, light, no need to concentrate too hard:

The Vampire Diaries (started watching for Ian Somerhalder, never expected to like it...it's doing way better than Twilight or True Blood with the vampy thing)

Castle (Nathan Fillion!)



Modern Family

More engaging:

Lost (begin at the beginning, please God)

Mad Men

Supernatural (you could probably tune in now, but some of the subtler "WOW/WHAT" moments require long-term knowledge)

On the off-TV note, I told my mother than Coca-Cola was "disgusting" when I first tried it. Apparently I likened it to medicine and told her that I never wanted to drink that ever again. I was a little drama queen.

The hiatus is killing me but I'm more and more excited about Bones everyday. Can't help it. I'm enjoying other shows though while I wait for the 100th, like Lost, Castle, House and The Good Wife. I also follow Fringe and I'm back in love with Private Practice. Vampire Diaries?? Hate it. I've been wanting to watch Angel, maybe one day I will.


I understand the feeling a little bit emptier when a fandom love ebbs away. I also totally get where you're coming from with Bones. The balance is missing or something for me. I wish I were still spazzy and psyched about it but I'm just...not anymore. It was like this with me for BSG. I loved it so hard until I didn't and it was hard to let go.

New things to watch - if you want grown up but not boring adult I'd suggest Farscape. It's got storylines that twist and turn and loop back around to pick up where they left off half a season before. It's got incredibly layered characters. It's got a main couple with chemistry to rival Booth and Bones. It's nothing short of brilliant when it's good and still pretty darn good when it's bad (barring one or two episodes that I refuse to acknowledge exist *L*). It's about finding yourself when you didn't realize you didn't know who that was, it's about discovering you can be more than just the limitations you were raised with, it's about being on the run and how that changes people, it's about learning how to get along with folk who come from completely different backgrounds and most of all? It's FUN!

am behind on some of them as i haven't caught up for ages

shows i am/have been watching for a while:
+ grey's anatomy
+ lie to me (AWESOME)
+ ncis (still pretty good)
+ chuck
+ 30 rock
+ the west wing (sooooo gooooooood THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS FOR HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS - yes yes, i am late to the party :P)
+ eureka
+ castle

farscape is pretty A++ HELL YES. dexter is pretty fantastic even though it's not really my cup of tea.

i have heard that better off ted is also good.

mum and i have been watching the good wife as it airs here.

Re: am behind on some of them as i haven't caught up for ages

Mmm. Lie to Me most def. It breaks my heart a little that my TV widget thing tells me that there are 87 days until a new episode airs.


I think we all go through periods like this with fandoms - I am into re-watching and wondering about upcoming eps, but I'm not really inspired to fic at the mo, for instance... and I also know how depressing it is to fall out of love with a fandom. I felt similarly bereft and empty when I lost the Doctor Who love :'(

(And of course we know you still love us - how could you not?!)

I enjoyed the Fringe finale, and am loving Castle and dh and I watch Modern Family which (as well as being hilarious) is just the dearest, sweetest little show.

On the ice cream - I hated vanilla as a child (LOVE it now), so maybe it is just the flavour? Although I remember both of mine balking at the COLD the first time they tried icecream!

I watched one episode of The Vampire Diaries, and gave up. I read the books when I was in high school, and I guess this TV series needed to be released back then for me to enjoy it.

I rec Farscape, but watch each ep in order and try to avoid spoilers. Glee. Being Human. The West Wing.

I've fallen out of love with Bones too. I'm sure my love will return (the same thing happened with Stargate and Doctor Who for me) but for now I'm not missing it.

Here are just a few shows that I love:
In Plain Sight
Burn Notice
Fringe (although I haven't really kept up with it)
The Closer
Damages (I'm working my way to the 2nd season now)
Modern Family (so funny to me and it's just cute)
Castle (it's grown on me)
Friday Night Lights
30 Rock

I watch more (thank god for internet) but that's all for now. Hope M realizes that ice cream is oh so delicious soon hehe

Oh, Fringe! Yes. And True Blood is good, campy vampire fun.

Hugs to you. I was here for the Bones, but I stayed for the friendship. :o)

I totally understand you about Bones. I feel the same way. Probably it's the way HH is NOT developing B&B anymore. It was so intense at first, but now it's just the same every week. We need some evolving. Or at least I do.

Shows, uhm... Damages and True Blood are in my list, I've watched the pilot of each one and I liked them, but beyond that... nothing that I can tell you. I totally recommend you Lost, to watch it from the beginning and read no spoilers.

I'm currently watching The Mentalist. It's not the best thing but it's nice to see. I prefer by far Lie to me and Castle, but this genre is always nice.

I don't know how you feel about comedy, but How I met your mother's scripts are among the best nowadays. It's not easy to find a well written comedy. It made me fall in love with Alyson Hannigan, I never thought that would be possible. :)

Oh, and my always noticeable campaing about Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog, not a show itself, just 40 minutes of fun and songs. *g*

I totally get where you're coming from. I feel like I'm on a little bit of a Bones-love hiatus myself. I still plan to watch new eps when it starts back and I still enjoy the fandom, but more for the people in the fandom than the actual show.

I'm not really watching anything great right now, or I'd rec something. Plus this is a big sports season at my house - so basketball intermingled with movies seems to be what's on at all times.

Maybe you should go for a wild flavor - could be little M. is just not a vanilla gal. :)

I feel like the Queen of BLAH lately, so I understand where you're coming from. I feel the same about Bones lately, and I think it's because B&B are getting stagnant. It's just not exciting to me these days and that bugs me. Maybe the 100th ep will change my opinion and get me more into it. HH needs to move the couple forward, though.

From your list of shows you're thinking of watching, I rec Farscape (one of the best shows ever) and Lost and definitely Angel (you haven't watched Angel?!?!). I am currently catching up with Lost and let me tell you it's totally awesome. Don't know why I stopped watching a couple of years back.

My youngest B didn't like ice cream when he was little either. He's a much bigger fan now! M will grow to like it. :)

Take care of you.

I'm sorry that Bones isn't holding your interest these days. Alias was my first true fandom love and I remember how surprised I was the day I just didn't feel like checking in with it at all. I moved around to a few new shows, and now I save all of the truly good fic I find so that it doesn't get lost in the bowels of the internet before I come back to it. Truly good writing still holds my interest even if I'm not as into the pairing any more.

I may be way behind, but I've been loving this author lately and this fic in particular is a lot of fun (when you're in the mood for B/B) again.



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