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(no subject)
B/B Touch - lerdo
iz ded.

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Haven't seen it yet! I vowed to wait!

I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day.

omg you have total patience, enjoy tonight D!!


*pokes you with stick to bring you back to life*

The only thing I could say when I watched was this. O_O

I know.



Um O_O




I loved it. Her face? I wanted to climb into the screen and hug her.

This is only the beginning. Can't wait to see how their dynamic changes going forward. I just hope we don't need to actually see much of Booth moving on.

OMG YES!!! Eeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Oh their FACES!!!

OMGOATS!!! I finally understand the cut. My heart broke in two for them.

I do not have words. Wordless, I am wordless. zippo....

I think we all died a little last night. *heavy sigh*

I know! They put me through every emotion but I enjoyed every minute of it.

*dies with you*

Just had time to watch this afternoon/morning and seriously, like, OMG.

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