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I iz not dead. (and a question)
Booth Dancing @ Funeral

I'm not dead. More on that later.

Very random question: can someone explain Gaga's Alejandro to me? What does this song mean? Are there two women? What's the story?

Yes, I'm serious.

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HAI, bb! *twirls you*
Everything good?!

I can't even explain Gaga!! (I suspect the Pop Culture Gen Gap is in effect, here. :-) )

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*Returns the squeeze* and replies: I taught a sociology of fashion course this semester, and one of the students did her final presentation and paper on La Gaga and I still don't understand her! (although I do get that La Gaga, she loves to express herself with clothing.)

<-- expression meant for gaga, not for you

*nods* I'm with you, and I've been going happily along with each new era of music (while maintaining that the 80s were the best *clears throat*). I even like some rap, some hip-hop, lots of alternative rock--but her stuff (especially her videos)? NUH-uh.

OMG SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COME JOIN: bones_ga - one track mind, I HAZ IT.

Also I have not yet had the pleasure of Gaga's latest... so am no help to you ;P

It's alive!!! ;)

Hope you are just being busy with all good things, but nice to hear from you again :) *hugs* ♥

As for Gaga? I don't really know. I think there's only one woman, but honestly, from the few times I've heard it all I can really make of the story is: Guy named Alejandro chasing after girl who (I think) used to have a relationship with said guy, but is now done with him. And said girl is being chased by other guys as well. Maybe. LOL I really don't know.

(This coming from a girl who is actually in the age group that should understand this *g*)

There is an explanation for Lady Gaga and/or her music? I am dumbfounded.

just smoke my cigarette and - hush! don't call my name (ps i love this song)

I have an answer! Me encanta Lady Gaga mucho (pero no tengo una foto de ella? lol cara triste.)

Alejandra is from her The Fame Monster album, which means that every song is about her fears: Fear of Sex Monster, Fear of Alcohol Monster, Fear of Men Monster, etc. Gaga has said in interviews that Alejandro was a narrative of her saying goodbye to her ex lovers. I'm only speculating, and I'll definitely do some googling about it and get back to you, but I think Alejandro represented her Fear of Men Monster?

I'm only semi-sure of that guess because of the lyrics about her keeping love en su bosillo (in your pocket) and how her lovers remind her too much of her father. Que es una locura, pero yo la quiero de todos modos. <3

It's good to know that you're alive! You been doing okay?

Edited because I fail at Spanish.

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To be honest, I like The Fame Monster as an album, but Alejandro is my least favorite cut. She's said in the past that it's about saying farewell to old lovers or something, but I really don't get that from the song itself.

Glad you're not dead! *hugs*

Sorry, can't help you with Lady Gaga. Just dropped by to say happy you're not dead :)

Hi! *hugs*

*blinks at your question* Huh. I've never actually looked for much meaning in Lady Gaga's music. lol How shallow of me! :D

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