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Bones: If You Love Something, Set it Free
Booth Serious
Too tired to do a proper header right now. Will fix tmw.

Booth/Brennan. Just a wisp of words -- a little dandelion fluff of fic.  126 words.

Spoilers through all of Bones Season 5.

He isn’t running away.  How can he run when his feet carry the weight of all those dreams, the ones that used to be unspoken? If he could just make her see; if he could just make her understand. He’s that guy, and he so desperately wants her to be that woman. His woman. Not a possession. Never that.

It’s just -- he’s so tired of being two steps ahead of her. Either she’ll catch up to him, or she won’t. But he can’t stand next to something so beautiful and not touch. Not anymore.

He told her, damn it. He told her, and she still said no. Sometimes you gamble and you lose. Lady Luck doesn’t always smile; he should know better.

He isn’t running.


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How can he run when his feet carry the weight of all those dreams
This is one of those lines that I read and thought: 'I wish I'd written this.'

Ah, the Divine Miss M. :) Thank you so much for your generous words!

Is he two steps ahead or two steps behind? Either way, he needs someone beside him, neither in front nor behind. Not running is a good choice.

I think he's ahead, but it's all subjective, of course. :)

Either way, he needs someone beside him, neither in front nor behind.

Yes. Exactly that. ♥

ahhhhh, beautiful! if this is you writing with writers block then i'm majorly jealous. ;)

it felt very very booth, and was a perfect reaction to the end of the season.

Thanks, Flavia. You're being way too nice, though. *mwah*

126 of the most eloquently composed words in a Bones fic ever. I read this and it so embodies Booth that I can translate it into an expression on DB's face. Masterfully done.


Your comments are far more generous than my writing merits, but I thank you just the same. Thanks very much for reading and commenting; it's deeply appreciated.

Glad to see this from you. Wonderfully done.

*hugs* Thanks, D. I'm happy to see you.

Other posters have already said it - wonderfully, eloquently done. Totally embodies Booth - always running after her, then not running anymore.

Also: I can visualize the expression on Booth's face.

So pretty. Poor Booth. :(

Lovely to see ficlet from you sweetie.

Hope you are having a lovely summer.


Hi, Jems! Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. :) I feel like every time I respond to you, I mention how out-of-the-loop I am here on LJ these days. *g* That's because it's true. How is work going for you these days? I know there was some rockiness a while back...

My summer flew by, and now I'm wondering where it disappeared to. Nothing ever stands still, does it?

I feel the same way! But hey, we are both still here right? :)

Work has changed a little bit in terms of my role. It is a bit better for now - not sure if it will last. I posted a small update on my journal so won't say much more in an unlocked post. ;)

IKR! September already!!

Btw, beautiful icon!!

And you say that you can't write. HA! This is lovely and your writing voice shines through so wonderfully. Let me assure you, you haven't lost your voice.

But what a stark and sad tale. Booth carries such a weight of disappointment; it's heartbreaking. He's given up hope, and it's left him shattered. *hugs poor Booth and wants to kick idiot Brennan*

Wonderful as always...

*hugs* Thank you, LSQ. It means a lot to me that you think that. I feel like I can't get into a writing groove now. Part of it stems from a lack of free time; part of it stems from feeling a little "blah" about where the show stands right now. I honestly think they're pushing too hard to keep Booth and Brennan apart, and it feels vaguely ridiculous (and artificial) to me. Ironically enough, to me it feels like maybe B/B have been losing a certain tension/spark/what-have-you. NOT because the TPTB have put them together romantically, but because they HAVEN'T.

I don't know if that makes any sense. I'm thinking AS I'm writing here, not BEFORE. No planning. ;)

Makes perfect sense to me. The glow is totally off the show for me because they aren't putting them together and seem to be trying to hard to hold off on it. At this point, I'm half certain they never will be together. The only reason I can still write them at this point is because I have them in a different place in my AU so I can ignore canon. Otherwise, I doubt I'd be writing a word, not about them anyways...

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