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Bones: If You Love Something, Set it Free

Too tired to do a proper header right now. Will fix tmw.

Booth/Brennan. Just a wisp of words -- a little dandelion fluff of fic.  126 words.

Spoilers through all of Bones Season 5.

He isn’t running away.  How can he run when his feet carry the weight of all those dreams, the ones that used to be unspoken? If he could just make her see; if he could just make her understand. He’s that guy, and he so desperately wants her to be that woman. His woman. Not a possession. Never that.

It’s just -- he’s so tired of being two steps ahead of her. Either she’ll catch up to him, or she won’t. But he can’t stand next to something so beautiful and not touch. Not anymore.

He told her, damn it. He told her, and she still said no. Sometimes you gamble and you lose. Lady Luck doesn’t always smile; he should know better.

He isn’t running.

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