No need to be anybody but oneself. (only_more_love) wrote,
No need to be anybody but oneself.

It's been a decade and one...

No one needs my permission to do so, of course, but because I'm mostly absent from LJ these days, I wanted to post a reminder that it's always Defriending Amnesty Day here in my journal.  So if you added me because of the Bones fic I rarely write these days, feel free to cut me -- and please know that there won't be any hard feelings about it. Today or ever. If you're here for additional or other reasons, I'm happy to have you. And as always, if you're lurking, say hello if you'd like.

I hope you're all happy and healthy, even if I don't get on here much to say it. August has rolled into September, and even though the high temperature here today is 89 degrees, autumn's touch is unmistakable. The days are noticeably shorter... That's all right; much as I dislike winter's cold, I find I'm actually looking forward to a crisp fall.

If you're here and you feel up to it, tell me how you are.  I miss you folks, even though I've only ever met one of you in-person. *waves toatimi *  Anything exciting, noteworthy, or scary happening in your life?  Or perhaps you just have a general feeling of contentment, in which case, congratulations.  When I can squeeze it in, I'll do a short state-of-me post. (I don't intend that to sound as self-centered as it does!)

So, how are you?
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