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It's been a decade and one...
No one needs my permission to do so, of course, but because I'm mostly absent from LJ these days, I wanted to post a reminder that it's always Defriending Amnesty Day here in my journal.  So if you added me because of the Bones fic I rarely write these days, feel free to cut me -- and please know that there won't be any hard feelings about it. Today or ever. If you're here for additional or other reasons, I'm happy to have you. And as always, if you're lurking, say hello if you'd like.

I hope you're all happy and healthy, even if I don't get on here much to say it. August has rolled into September, and even though the high temperature here today is 89 degrees, autumn's touch is unmistakable. The days are noticeably shorter... That's all right; much as I dislike winter's cold, I find I'm actually looking forward to a crisp fall.

If you're here and you feel up to it, tell me how you are.  I miss you folks, even though I've only ever met one of you in-person. *waves tobertee *  Anything exciting, noteworthy, or scary happening in your life?  Or perhaps you just have a general feeling of contentment, in which case, congratulations.  When I can squeeze it in, I'll do a short state-of-me post. (I don't intend that to sound as self-centered as it does!)

So, how are you?

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We really miss you here, and by here I mean the net, not just LJ (wich I just paid for another year and still don't know why *g*). Here, Twitter, wherever, we're happy to see you.

I hope everything is fine, is it? I miss M.'s pics that you used to share. How is she? :)

Here all is pretty much the same, holidays ended (I met tempertemper & family!!), back to work from last week. Oh, and I'm in a keep-fit class starting next month!! I put on a couple kilos in the past months. *g*

We'll be here whenever you want to post. Or just show up. ;)


Hi. I'm here because I count you friend. I hope you and yours are doing well.

I haven't updated in a while with anything worthwhile to say and the longer I go, the harder it is to find the point of it. It's been a bit rough the last couple of years or so and I'm trying very hard to find the balance, the light, the joy, the contentment. I miss you and your words and pics.

Hugs to you.

And the same to you, TT.

Hello my dear darling!

It's so nice to hear from you, I often wonder how you and yours are doing *g*

All the truly important things are good with us, though D and I are both hating our respective jobs and there isn't a lot out there to replace them with at the moment.

The kids have just started back at school.

And fandom keeps me busy...am looking forward to S6 Bones with a mixture of squee and apprehension! Always seems to be the way with this show ;)

Also looking forward to Castle.

Life goes on!

Much love!

And yes - as G says above we met up for coffee in Cardiff!!! It was very cool and she's a doll *g*

Hey bb!

It's good to see you around.

You are right, it's crazy that it's already September. Soon it will be Christmas for all we know.

I'm doing good, just waiting for Bones to come back. Not much is happening in my life that is exciting.

I can't wait for your state-of-me post! ;) Hopefully you can share some pics too!


Hello sweetie! Having babies changes your life and perspective. Lovely to hear from you and any time you want to do a state of me post that's fine; it's your journal to post in as you see fit.

I too am glad that autumn is here and the nights are cutting in. Keep well. Love to you and yours.

Hey there, you! ::hugs::

Hope all is well and your darling M is doing excellently!

Lovely to know you're doing fine and that your world is still spinning happily.

Stay well - love you,

I came here for the fic and stayed for the other stuff.

Uni is going ok (ok, maybe not right now, I need to super catch up), scared myself by getting quite ill with gastro, the boy is good, my headspace is unfortunately spiraling down but will hopefully recover. Home alone at the moment and love it though. Very boring in my corner of the world tbh.

It's alright, hon - always here for you whether you post or not ♥

Not much is going on over here - I've got a couple weeks left before I go back to school and start my sophomore year of college, and I'm trying to enjoy them as best I can while also looking forward to being out of the house and living on my own again (relatively, because - roommate). The highlight of my summer was probably getting to go to an Adam Lambert concert, which made me ridiculously happy, and I'm going to get to go to another one in 2 weeks which makes me ridiculously happy x2! That man not only has incredible vocal talent, but also has a huge loving heart and I am proud to be a fan of his.

Miss you too, but I know you're busy with M (hope she is doing well!) and all that life requires of being a parent and a grown-up :)

Love and *hugs*

I never update my LJ so I certainly don't fault you for that:) In fact you've inspired me to do an update this afternoon. As for defriending - you were one of my very first LJ friends and will remain one to the very end hon. Just because neither one of us participate much in the fandom that drew us together doesn't change a thing :)

(Deleted comment)
hello! i'm doing well, started school again which is stressful but good, and i had wonderful cool fall weather the other day which was wonderful! hope you and the whole family are doing well!!

Good heavens! I think you're stuck with a number of us so just get used to it, hon! :D

I'm with you on looking forward to fall. It's been too damned hot this summer and my mantra for months now has been 'Is it October yet?'. Almost there!

As far as life goes... we're still querying the novel, we've got 2 full MSs out and half a dozen partial requests and we're actively querying 6 agents a week on top of that still. Kids are back to school this week, the oldest has her first part time job working at the photolab at the big nearby grocery store and the youngest is looking forward to the beginning of volleyball season next week. Other than that, we're just pretty damned boring! ;)

Hope you and yours are all well and we'd love to hear a 'state of me' post (and that's not self-centered!).

I will freely admit that I first friended you because of the fic you no longer write. HOWEVER, I have stayed for many other reasons.

Me and mine are fine-ish. My father-in-law now lives with us and takes up a large amount of my free time since he is not as healthy as he likes to think he is.

My kids are all grown now, youngest started college this year. Wants to be a "legal" hacker for the FBI in about 8 years (5 years to his degree - Engr/CompSci - then 3 years with a computer forensics firm then off to the Fibbies.) The oldest is halfway finished with her doctorate in History, Spanish Medieval and the oldest boy is a whiz as an automotive technician. This is not a mechanic, you have to have a degree to be whatever it is that he is. All I know is that my cars always run great and I don't have to worry about their maintenance anymore!

The cats and dog are leading the good life. We could use rain and my garden is about burnt up since we haven't had any to speak of in about 2 months, maybe 3. Only put up 12 qts of tomatoes this year! Sigh.

Hope all is well with you.

Great to hear from you, hun! Nothing terribly new and exciting with me right now - just getting into the swing of subbing again and trying to get over a cold. Also, had a fab time in NJ with sweetjamielee and shipperatheart this weekend.

Oh, and writing fic whenever I have a chance. That's about all. Exciting, right? ;)

Hello, my dear. I see that I have a few snapshots of your beautiful little girl to look forward to, so I shall get to that in a moment. Glad to hear that things are going well for you. :) We do miss you, but I know that we all understand that life takes precedence over things like lj, although we're always happy for an update.

So glad you're starting to feel the Fall. I'm incredibly ready for the cooler days and the changing leaves. My drive back home from my parents' house actually takes me through a beautiful section of foothills and forests and driving this weekend really made me long for the season's changing.

Off to sneak a peek at your little one!

♥ M

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