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Bones Ficlet: Hope is the thing with feathers
Sad!Booth - lerdo

Title:  Hope is the thing with feathers (1/1)
Characters: Booth, Brennan
Rating:  PG-13
For 6x1.
Summary:  "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune-without the words, and never
stops at all..." (Takes places during 6x01. Booth POV.)
Notes: 164 words of...something. Title is a reference to an Emily Dickinson poem.
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: To lurkers and commenters alike, thank you.

Feel free to friend for updates. If you'd like me to add you back, please say something; I don't bite. :) 


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Seven months and her eyes are as blue as ever...  Her hair’s shorter, and she’s got bangs now, but the smile, the smile is all Bones -- open in a way he knows she’s not aware of. Happy to see him. Which makes it so much worse.

Booth sees all these things; then he tries to un-see them. Hope dies slowly, too slowly, and he tells himself to let it go. Let her go, man.

He thought he already had.

The hug is short, but only because he keeps it that way, pulling back when she doesn’t. In the history of their hugs, this is the closest thing to a guy hug they’ve shared in a long time. But still not close enough, and through the slow burn of anger coiling in his stomach, he forces a gentle smile; forces himself to look at what will never belong to him.

It’s OK, though. He has Hannah now and damn it, he’s happy. He’s happy.

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Right in one, my friend. I thought the FBI agent doth protest too much in this one and this snippet is dead on. I kept waiting for him to say, "I'm happy dammit!" just to say it out loud. As always, you jumped right into his head.

Thanks, Doc. Booth wants to be happy, and I want him to be happy, too, whether it's with Brennan or not, but I think he's more conflicted than he's let on so far. (Naturally!)

dude. i totally felt the same way the entire time. like booth, sweetie, are you trying to convince us or yourself? :)

I know! As Doc said above, "...the FBI agent doth protest too much."

Thanks for commenting, honey. <3

In the history of their hugs, this is the closest thing to a guy hug they’ve shared in a long time. But still not close enough

They're killing me. Killing.

Thanks for this, it's the hopeful look into his head I needed (but didn't quite get) from the show.

No one captures them so succinctly or perfectly as you. ♥

Aww, sweetie, you are too generous. But thank you very much for your lovely words. <3 I know this season so far hasn't quite sat right with you; I hope you get to see more of what you'd like to see on the show -- and soon. xo

Perfect for what we saw tonight.

Thank you, Miss M! Gorgeous icon, btw.

Thank you! So pleased this worked for you. :)

Me thinks someone doth protest too much. Oh, Booth *sigh*

Sad, but lovely as always :)

I know, right?

Thank you, A. *mwah*

Oh, I oh so hope you're right on this one.

Good ficlet...hopeful for us, yes?

As I said to someone else, Booth wants to be happy, and I want him to be happy -- even it's not with Brennan. They are both, kind, decent people who deserve happiness. But I do think Booth's more conflicted than that beautiful charm-smile lets on. Of course, that could just be a B/B fan's wishful thinking. *g*

Thank you, my dear, and yes, it does seem hopeful for us. ;)

This feels so right to me, especially after what I saw in tonight's episode. Wonderful snippet hon, it feels like you took it straight from his head. ♥

Thanks, sweetie! I am very happy this felt "true" to you. <3

There was definitely an undercurrent of something there, wasn't there?

I am so excited for this season - and beyond excited that you were spurred to write this :D

Thanks, sweetie. Yeah, I think there was something. Or perhaps I was just wearing my shipper goggles. ;)

Oh, spot on. I think Booth thinks he's got something to prove-- both to the world, Brennan, and himself. This sums that up nicely.

And at some point this season, he really needs to just yell, "I'm HAPPY, dammit!" at someone. Preferably Sweets. :P

Thanks very much. :) I'm glad this felt right to you.

I think Booth thinks he's got something to prove-- both to the world, Brennan, and himself.

Oh, absolutely.

Sweets is always a convenient target, isn't he? *g*

Well of course he's happy. Get a grip Booth.

And yay you wrote. Time will prove you right. This was just the teaser.

Couldn't spell. LOL

Edited at 2010-09-24 12:01 pm (UTC)

Spelling is overrated. :P

I DID write; thank you for being here to witness it. ♥

This right here. I totally got that from Booth on that hug. I think that if he had given her any cues and hadn't mentioned Hannah (I really hate that name! ;o)) I think that she would have gone all in.

These two. They drive me crazy.

Nice work, S.

Excellent job! This is exactly how I felt about the ep, and you have nailed it to a tee. You are so gifted at being able to grab the reality of it all and pack it into so many short and powerful words. Incredible, and I totally thank you for putting into words what I was thinking in my head about the episode.

C! So nice to see you around here again. I know your life must be SO busy and full these days. :) How are you and your adorable family doing?

Thanks a lot for your kind words; they mean a lot to me. ♥

I was gonna point out what I agreed with but that would basically involve copying the whole thing.

Well thank you, then! :D I'm thrilled we were on the same wavelength.

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