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Don't hesitate to email me if you need me, but I am going on hiatus for a little while; I'm doing some literal and figurative cleaning and organizing, and sadly don't have the time to do that and this, too. For those who expressed interest in an online book group, I will get a poll with book titles up in the next day or two.

Hugs to you, be well, and email or message me if you want. :) I'll be back soon.

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Shall miss you, but these things are necessary in the course of life (especially with children or spouses). Be well and see you when you get back.


We'll miss you but we'll be here waiting when you get back...

Be here when you get back. Enjoy your time away.

And just when I am coming BACK from doing all of that! Good luck with your organizing, both literal and figurative. (hugs)

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