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The Big C
I haven't seen the season finale yet of The Big C yet, but I love this show. DH and I watch it together.  Laura Linney is fantastic. That big, teeth-flashing smile is just on the edge of manic, and you just know that it hides a wealth of feeling. The show is sometimes self-consciously quirky, but Linney makes it all work somehow.

But I have a sickness: it's called shipper-itis.  It's so wrong for so many reasons, not the least of which is that it's just plain unethical, but I ship Cathy and Todd, her oncologist. From the start, I've felt that they have incredible chemistry. Part of the problem is that Cathy has chemistry, to varying degrees, of course, with just about every man on the show EXCEPT for Paul, her husband. Believe me, I understand that marriages get comfortable after years of being together; I just don't feel ANY zing between Cathy and Paul. More importantly, I don't really feel like she even LIKES him.

Why has no one written Cathy/Todd fic? This is my totally guilty-pleasure 'ship.

Ugh. I have issues.

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Shipper-itis is never something to feel guilty over! Why do you think some shows gain success in the first place? Shippers! We make the world go 'round, baby.

I LOVE this show too!! Laura Linney is absolutely amazing in this and I just love this show to pieces :)

Eee, I love this show; can't wait to see what you think of the finale!

And I agree about Cathy/Todd though I didn't really feel it with her and the painter dude *shrugs*

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