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No need to be anybody but oneself.

Thoughts on Alias 3x3: “Reunion”

It's official; I hate Vaughn's wife. I came into this season with an open mind--willing to like Lauren despite the fact that she's Vaughn's wife. But I can't do it. First, why does a senator's daughter have a British accent, and a fugly one at that? It's truly amazing just how much suspension of disbelief this show sometimes requires. Second, she and Vaughn have no chemistry that I can see. And no, a couple kisses for the benefit of the ex don't count. But twist the knife a little deeper, why don't you? Third, honey, if the hair comes courtesy of Clairol Nice 'n Easy #88, the eyebrows need to match. I hate Lauren, and the Syd/Vaughn/Lauren triangle is already turning into a yawnfest.

Now, Syd and Weiss, on the other hand, are pretty damned interesting, despite my love of all things Syd/Vaughn. The bit with Syd and Weiss doing shots was adorable, and it's sweet just how much he's done to help Syd reintegrate into her life. Helping her move, doing shots with her, giving her the third edition of Alice in Wonderland because she missed the one her mother had given; all those actions spoke to Weiss' loyalty and cemented my love for him. I'm not yet sure if I want them together romantically, but it certainly wouldn't make me want to bludgeon JJ Abrams. At the very least, Syd really needs a friend right now, and hopefully Weiss can help fill the void left by Will and Francie. Poor girl's dealing with a lot right now and needs more than just SpyDaddy on her side.

Spydaddy... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I admit it, I can't resist Jack, especially when he goes into Protective!SpyDaddy mode. I swear my heart nearly stopped during “The Two” when my husband suggested Jack might be stuck in jail and not returning to the show. If only SpyMommy would return. Those two have some seriously unfinished business--business that a little IM session just can't resolve.

Other random thoughts:

-Dixon and Marshall couldn't tell that the woman in the footage of Lazarey's murder was Sydney? Sorry, not buying it.

-Why are Russian characters more often than not named Boris? Oransky's repeated shouts of “Sydney Bristow!” as Syd and Vaughn were escaping through the intake vent reminded me of Boris in GoldenEye yelling, “I. Am. Invincible!”

-I was hoping for a “Oh-my-god-we-almost-died-so-now-we-have-to-kiss” kiss between Syd and Vaughn, but alas, it wasn't to be.

-I like it when Syd gets nasty. Her exchange with Sloane was too funny. And he gets extra points for taunting Vaughn and Barbie.

Next week, on Alias: Sydney wears a butt ugly Rainbow Brite poncho and cowboy hat and... Oh wait, that already happened.

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