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Fangirly Nonsense
New Vampire Diaries tonight!  *throws confetti & runs around in circles*

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OK, so I must know: Do you favor any 'ships on this show? I have a special weakness for Damon/Elena & Elena/Damon/Stefan, but I am actually very open to other 'ships.

What say you?

Oh I’m like the very definition of the cracked out multi-shipper for this show. I started off really wanting Tyler/Jeremy and Caroline/Matt but now I’m all about Caroline/Tyler and Jeremy/Bonnie. And I like Stefan/Elena, Jenna/Ric, and Damon/Katherine/Stefan too.

Beyond excited. And so thrilled that E has been going to bed by 7:30, so there should be no interruptions.

Um, if you ever hop on IM while you're watching, the squeefest would be epic. I'm just sayin'. *g*

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