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Ugh. Sick. Yuck.

I feel like hell. M. is sick too; the combo of sick me and sick, cranky toddler with congestion and stomach issues is not a good one. Of course, DH is healthy and traveling. :(  I am just hoping against hope that this doesn't turn into a sinus infection, like I had last winter. All three of us got sick then, one after the other.

Despite feeling crappy (and complaining about it here), I'd like to try to write a little bit today. Writing hasn't been a daily habit for me in a while. Granted, it's hard to fit in with a 21-month-old, but it's certainly not IMPOSSIBLE. If I can just use my little pockets of time wisely, maybe I can get back in the groove. So I think I'm going to commit to writing a little something every day for the rest of December. Probably too ambitious (for me), but I can try. Probably best not to get really crazy and commit to any particular TYPE of writing, too, though The Vampire Diaries has been eating my brain as of late.

God, I hope I can sleep tonight. :(


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