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Ugh. Sick. Yuck.
I feel like hell. M. is sick too; the combo of sick me and sick, cranky toddler with congestion and stomach issues is not a good one. Of course, DH is healthy and traveling. :(  I am just hoping against hope that this doesn't turn into a sinus infection, like I had last winter. All three of us got sick then, one after the other.

Despite feeling crappy (and complaining about it here), I'd like to try to write a little bit today. Writing hasn't been a daily habit for me in a while. Granted, it's hard to fit in with a 21-month-old, but it's certainly not IMPOSSIBLE. If I can just use my little pockets of time wisely, maybe I can get back in the groove. So I think I'm going to commit to writing a little something every day for the rest of December. Probably too ambitious (for me), but I can try. Probably best not to get really crazy and commit to any particular TYPE of writing, too, though The Vampire Diaries has been eating my brain as of late.

God, I hope I can sleep tonight. :(

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I'm really sorry that you've not been well. Fingers crossed that it doesn't progress past the cold stage. But this is when being a mom really sucks. You'd like someone to look after you; instead, you're the one doing all the work even though you feel like hell.

I think the writing sounds like a great idea. You need to be proactive in carving out some time. It may only be 15 minutes a day, but if you don't you know you'll never find the time. When we're busy like this, you can't find the time to write, you have to make it. And if TVD is what is firing you to write, then go with it. It doesn't matter what it is, you're just aiming for BICHOK (Butt In Chair; Hands On Keyboard). Good luck with it!

I know you understand. All of it. Thank you for listening; it's nice to just be heard, you know?

You are one of my role models; I don't know if I've ever told you that. You're a hell of a mom, and you make writing a priority, too, in the midst of all the stuff of real life. You're amazing. ♥

You are one of my role models. You're amazing.

Wow. I'm immensely flattered that anyone (except maybe my kids; I'd like to think that they'd fit here...) would consider me to be a role model. I don't do anything special, I think I'm just more stubborn than most women out there (read 'pig-headed'). Ask my husband, he won't say that that's necessarily a good thing! ;)

But thanks for such a lovely thought...

Very little of what we get in life just falls in our laps; sometimes you have to scratch and fight for it. Your stubbornness is a tremendous asset. I'd call it tenacity. ;) Regardless, it works, and it gives me something to aim for. So thank you for being, well, you. ♥ I think you have earned all manner of good things; I hope they come to you.

I hope you both feel better soon! *sends lots of warm beverages and warm, comfy socks* Comfy socks make everything better. :)

*mwah* Thank you for listening to moan and groan -- and for sending the drinks and socks. :)

No complaints here with your writing goal, especially if it means the possibility of some more wonderful Vampire Diaries fics. Sorry you're sick! Crossing my fingers that you feel better soon! I'm sick too, so I feel your pain, although I'd imagine your pain is about 200 fold mine, because I don't have a sick toddler to deal with as well. Drink up those hot toddies, dear! Oh, and here's some sexy Damon to get you're mind off being sick for a bit...

Um... Sorry, what was I saying? *ogles your icon* ;)

I can't seem to stop writing about VD. (That sounds weird, huh?)

Thanks for the empathy. I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks! I hope so too, because I'm supposed to go visit some college friends this weekend and I so do not want to postpone.

Hey, we're all a little weird and if your weirdness is constantly writing about The Vampire Diaries, well, I wholeheartedly approve. When I do write, it seems to pretty much always be TVD-related as well, so I'm right there with you, hun.

And, I just noticed your icon. I don't even need coffee to wake me up, I can just stare at the pretty.

So sorry you're sick, dear! Try to get some rest and drink water. My best as always...

Thanks, Lev. It's nice to be able to whine just a little and have you listen. ;)

Feel better soon, hon - you and M! Poor bb's. :(
*sends hugs and chicken soup*

Thanks, Space. :) 'Tis the season! :(

BTW, has your DH started his CA stint?

That ended up not coming to fruition, thank God. He could still have travel upcoming, just not right this moment. *clings*

Thank you for thinking of us! *hugs*

Oh, that's great! I'm happy for all of you. :) *mwah*

Sorry to hear you are sick! I hope you can get some good healing rest soon!

Hugs and love.

Thanks, D. Fat chance of that; little rest for mamas. But I'm not complaining (at the moment). :)


I know exactly how you feel. Deepest sympathies from the drama queen who's got a sinus infection (my skull is about to crack, honestly...) & week from hell at work. I feel so much better now that I've shared. Hope you feel better soon too.

Does this mean I have to start watching the Vampire Diaries ;) It took me a while to work out what TVD meant, thought it was new TV technology at first ;)

Feel free to come back and vent some more! This is a safe place to be negative for a little while. :)

I'm so sorry to hear you have a sinus infection. They are TERRIBLE. At the moment I think I have a regular cold, but we'll see how it progresses. But ugh, being sick just SUCKS. Any chance you can take at least a day or two off from work in order to just hide in your bed?

Haha I will not dissuade you from watching The Vampire Diaries. But if you try it, stick it out for at least 4 eps; it picks up relatively quickly. It's not Shakespeare, as some might say, but I find it consistently entertaining and tightly-written, and the characters are not one-note. I was quite pleasantly by surprised by how much I like this show. At this point, anyway, it is a "pure pleasure" show for me. I don't have to fanwank it in order to like it, and while I am into various 'ships for it, the show has enough of a pull even without them.

It took me a while to work out what TVD meant, thought it was new TV technology at first ;)

*g* At least you didn't think I was talking about venereal disease!

Rest as much as you can; I know that is easier said than done. Feel better soon. ♥

*g* At least you didn't think I was talking about venereal disease!

In a post about about you being sick... lol. Sorry it's been a long day in a long week. My grand plans are to leave work on time on Friday and keep most of the weekend free.

Glad to hear you have found a show you like that inspires you to write. I'll put it on my "shows to check" list.

As is normal this time of year, I am way behind in my reading/responding. Still, want to send some zen hugs to M so she will take a little nap here and there, thus freeing mom for a little qwerty therapy (better than retail).

I am not watching TVD but I have heard some good things about it. So, if it revs your motor, write about it and I will read it.

Be betterest soonest.

This is a crazy time of year for many; it's very sweet of you to stop into my moaning and groaning thread. ;) M and I are both down for the count, but hey, I know it's temporary. :) Thank you for listening.

TVD is just pure fun for me right now. I expected to think it was completely ridiculous; instead it sucked me in. If the shows you watch are on hiatus at some point, that might be a time to check it out -- if you're so inclined. It's not Mad Men, The Wire, etc., but I am enjoying the surprise plot twists, tight storylines, and well-rounded characters very much. And because I could ship ketchup and mustard, I do have several 'ships. Even without them, though, TVD keeps me entertained. :)

BTW, Happy Holidays! (Thank you for the sympathy.)

Eeep! I hope you and M feel better soon, hon *hugs* I can't even imagine taking care of a toddler who's sick while I'm sick too and without help, so I give you major props for that. Also ♥

Yay for writing! I totally get that sometimes you just have to schedule writing time into your life otherwise it won't get done - that's been often true for me. And whatever inspires you to write is awesome! Good luck! :D

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