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Bah humbug

I must have been out of my mind when I posted that bit about keeping your loved ones close. I don't want to keep anyone close right now. I just want some fucking solitude. This is what happens when an introvert gets zero separation: imminent implosion. :^( *gnashes teeth*

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Hopefully you'll get some me time in the near future.

I can see where you're coming from and a half, too much of a good thing (although I use the word "good" loosely because it always depends lol)...

I hope you get your time to yourself soon enough though =)

I'm sorry, hon. I am the same, and it's so tough when you don't get a break and some solitude. You start to fray around the edges. Deep, deep breaths...

Oh, man, I so know what you mean. My cousin and I were talking about it tonight. His words exactly? "I just can't deal with humans anymore! I'm done!" Ha.

*holiday hugs*

I always keep my loved ones close - in small boxes preferably and stacked in closets.

Aw, hon - I so hear you and feel you. I know I need my solitude batteries recharged on a regular basis too.

So glad we were alone at home this year.

Hope you get some you time soon ♥

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