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The Vampire Diaries Drabble: Going Under

Title: Going Under (1/1)
The Vampire Diaries (tv show, not book)
K or PG
Through 2x10: The Sacrifice
The Vampire Diaries and its characters belong to the CW, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
"Darling, I'm lost, adrift in the dark..."  Drabble. E/D.
A/N: Con crit is always welcome. To lurkers and commenters alike, thank you. Feel free to friend for updates. If you'd like me to add you back, please say something; I don't bite. :)  Plus I have very few TVD-watching friends here, so I would love to have more.


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Elena tries not to think of it, of Rose wearing that short satin robe. She thrusts the memory into a box in the back of her mind -- and refuses to consider what it means. It’s not her business, she thinks, stomach churning; she has no right to care what he does, or with whom he does it.

Stefan: I love Stefan.

The words form a silent chant she repeats in an endless loop as she lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. But during the last in-between moments before sleep pulls her under, the eyes she imagines are ice blue.
Tags: fic, tvd:fic

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