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mortal instruments series
Tell Me a Story
Oh, good grief: how can Jace and Clary be siblings?

Have started this series on my Kindle and am in love. <3


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I gave the set to my daughter for Christmas and she's just buzzing through it and loving it. And City of Bones is already in the movie pre-production phase, so it must be popular.

I'm going to reply to myself to tell you that Jess just came down with her mind blown over this very same point. She is totally floored. What hilarious timing...

Ha! That is pretty funny. :) Of course, I'm only a couple decades older than your lovely daughter. *g*

I didn't know they're making it into a movie. Thanks for the info. I suppose I'm not surprised...

How far along is she now? I'm curious if she loved it all the way through.

She's finished the first book and well into the second at this point. And very much enjoying it from what I've heard. I certainly have to practically pry the book out of her hands to do things like go to bed!

LOL well, CC wrote Harry Potter fanfiction, and this came from an idea she had for a Ron/Ginny story, though since jace is a blondie, I tend to think more Draco/Ginny. :)

Huh. I had no idea the author wrote HP fic. I thought there were a lot of similarities to HP, before I saw your comment, but I also think there are tons of parallels in all sorts of books. Not to mention that HP is derivative of other books.

Did you enjoy the books?

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Not really, actually. But I can be picky about my fantasy :D

Are you reading anything at the moment?

Yep! I've been reading Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, and am quite enjoying it.

I really liked those books.

She's just began an prequel series called The Infernal Devices, which starts with The Clockwork Angel. I'm looking forward to reading that too.

I'm not sure if I'll read The Infernal Devices series, but the trilogy was definitely a fun, light read. I enjoyed it!

It's a fun series. I think I read them all in like a week, lol. I never tire of her descriptions of Jace. ;) Let us know when you get to the end.

Ha! I read (inhaled) them the same way. :) I finished them a few days ago. Would you believe that I want to read more about Jocelyn and Luke? Figures, given that I'm closer to THEIR age than Clary's. *g*

I would totally read a series about Jocelyn and Luke. I always wanted to read about Harry Potter's parents too. :)

My little sister is letting me borrow the first book, Clockwork Angel, from that author's new series. It's basically the same characters in new situations, but it's something light and fluffy to turn to after a long day.

Ooh! I got a Kindle for Christmas and I LOVE it so much! I think I'm going to get more recreational reading done now that it's easier to carry several books around with me :)

I have an old, 1st generation Kindle, and I love it. I don't always have a ton of time to read because of M, but the Kindle really does help me make use of tiny pockets of time. Hope you get excellent use out of yours. :)

I have heard the name because of some bad goings on with HP fanfiction (her stuff is all removed from several sites because apparently she plagiarized some of it) BUT that being said, I've head that she is actually a really good author and so I'm interested to hear that you recommend the series. I'm in need of some new food for the Kindle. :)

Her Draco Trilogy is probably the foundation of my Draco/Hermione love. Though, I never actually read the ending, so I don't know if it ended that way. :-) Part of me is ashamed to admit it, due to the blatant plagiarism, but I loved that series.

See - I've heard that from others so I can't help but want to read her stuff (books and fic). Have you read any of her books?

PS - I've been converted to a D/H shipper.

I've been in fandom for a while and managed to catch the very end of the CC drama, but my friend recently linked me to the msscribe and Cassandra Claire storis, so I'm all caught up now.

Prior to this post, I didn't know about the HP fic connection. (Interesting, though; before I read about that, I thought there were several parallels to HP. Then again, a LOT of books are derivative of other books!) The plagiarism connection does not make me happy. :( That's too bad.

I finished the trilogy, and I did enjoy it. It was a fun, fast, and relatively light read. Give it a shot if you're in the mood for something that isn't very heavy.

I may just have to check it out!

AH!!! Why did I click??? Oh well. Serves me right.

LOL Intentionally spoiled yourself, eh? Keep reading the books anyway.


Finished it; 'twas definitely fun! ♥

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