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Music Note
Quick, what have you been listening to lately?


1) Kanye - All of the Lights
2) Adele
3) Sia - My Love
4) Chester See - God Damn, You're Beautiful (This song is beyond cheesy, and I love it. Unabashedly.)
5) Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike

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The Rocketboys - Sights and Sounds
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Iron & Wine - new Daytrotter sesh out today!
some Hawaii Five-0 fanmixes that I've happened upon
Mason Jennings - Be Here Now
OH and
GAYNGS - By Your Side


1) Mads Langer - Fact/Fiction
2) Weezer - Pork & Beans
3) Squeeze
4) "Les Poissons" from the soundtrack from The Little Mermaid
5) The Offspring - Why Don't You Get a Job?
6) Within Temptation - All I Need (D/E's dance song)

I can not express how very much I am in love with Mads Langer. Like to infinity... that man, that voice. Lordy!

I totally agree! I love not only his voice, but also his haunting melodies and his lyrics, which tend to be introspective without being "emo."

I only discovered him recently, and was listening to tons of his stuff on YouTube for a while, but I had a heck of a time actually legitimately *buying* any of his music, since he hasn't yet officially released anything internationally!

Yeah, I have his album, but I didn't *buy* it. *sheepish*

I'm a big nerd who will go to great lengths to make sure that some money goes to the artist, so I bought one of his albums (Attention Please) from Amazon, but had to actually get someone in Europe to buy me his more recent, self-titled album (which includes the song I'm currently obsessing over, "Fact/Fiction"). I haven't received it yet, though, 'cause this whole "getting random strangers on other continents to buy you albums and ship them to you" thing is rather inefficient.

In the meantime, another friend uploaded all the songs from the self-titled album for me, so I've been listening to them, but I still prefer to actually *buy* the album if I can. Like I said, I'm a nerd. :)

No, good for you!
I actually didn't even realize he had more than one album... I just looked until I found the one with 'Fact-Fiction' because trust_your_hart rec'd it to me.
Gonna have to look for the other now! :)

I'll warn you: the earlier album (Attention Please) is not as polished, not only in its production values but also in the songwriting. I mean, it's still good music, but it's sorta like ... good music *in progress*. Some of the songs are quite good, but none of them are as good as the best songs on the self-titled album, in my opinion.

I will definitely take that under consideration, thank you!

BTW: Do you mind if I friend you? I know your personal journal entries are locked, so I'm not sure what other stuff we might have in common, but I'd be interested in finding out. :)

Oh, sure thing! And I have a music/graphics/joint-fic comm at alottaheart that you might be interested in as well... feel free to dabble a little and then you can go out and buy what you like. ;)

No Cars Go, Neon Bible and Inetvention- all by Arcade Fire.
Flower by Moby
Summersong by the Decemberists

I'm assuming I'm limited to five songs as well, right? That's probably very wise. Ha. You don't want one of my soundtracks on your hands!

1. Ghostwork by 13 & God

2. Book of the Month by Lovage

3. Catalyst by Anna Nalick

4. Hot Thing by Talib Kweli

5. Lover I Don't Have to Love by Bright Eyes

And of course many, many others. Lots of Lovage, Talib Kweli, & Bright Eyes in general too.

Your song choices are awesome!!

Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs A Ladder
White Lies - Bigger Than Us
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Keshia Chante - Table Dancer
Crookers - We Are All Prostitutes
Arnej - We Need Them
Robyn - Dancing On My Own

My daughter keeps making me listen to Rihanna - Make Me Believe / Katy Perry - Firework to the point where I either hate them with a passion or love them just because they remind me of her.. can't decide which ;)

Mostly I have been listening to Ministry of Sound 80s mix that D made me a CD of for my car or Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star.

I get stuck on stuff!

1) With or Without You - cover by We Are The Fallen

2) Rolling in the deep - Adele

3) Happy Ending - Mika

4) Beside You - Marianas Trench

5) Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles

6) Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars ft. Kanye West

7) Soldier - Ingrid Michaelson


I always love to see music posts from you. :D And The Lightning Strike is one of my favorites.

I've (mostly) been in a mellow music mood and have been listening to...

1) I'd Be Lying - Greg Laswell
2) Seagull - Joe Bonamassa
3) Fix Me - 10 Years
4) Play Me - covered by Josh Groban
5) It's Not True - Williams Fitzsimmons

Beautiful list. ♥

I adore Sia and Adelle - such pretty vocalists.

And Snow Patrol = always good.

I've been listening to Take That - Progress and lots of the radio actually - in the car mainly.

Haven't discovered anyone new in a while.

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