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Who needs it, anyway?

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I think you should have a third child, so you can get even less sleep! *g*

Ha. Running on about 3.5/4 hours here myself, with a raging migraine (can't wait for a bus ride, ugh. It's what I get for trying to rearrange my sleep schedule too quickly)--but the beach shall be my pay-off.

I hope you get a nap soon!

Oh, you poor baby. :( I hope you're feeling better today. And beach? I am jealous. Extremely!

kids and sleep - unmixy things.

God, I know. And then they turn into teenagers and you worry about whether they're secretly addicts or depressed or being bullied or...

I'll sleep when I'm dead. *g*

Your brain starts to work in interesting ways when you're sleep-deprived. Odd and quirky thoughts abound. It can actually be entertaining at times. ;)

Then come the hallucinations.

Booth? Is that really you over there?


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