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my husband is an idiot
He just tried to plunge the toilet with a toilet brush, and then complained that nothing was happening. 

Duh. You're supposed to use a PLUNGER. A toilet brush is not a plunger.

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Oh boy. Time to not let him do anything around the house. Or get him a book on plumbing! ;)

I am the handier spouse, but I decided yesterday that damn it, HE should be the one plunging for once. In the end, I still had to do it. He didn't do any better with the plunger than he did with the toilet brush. *g*

You took the words right out of my fingers. :)

(Deleted comment)
Not his finest moment. *g*

That's what I get for deciding HE should be the one doing the plunging for once, even though I am the handier spouse.

Your husband and my husband should not attempt any home repairs together.

*g* Ah, I sense you have some experience in these matters. ;)

LOL. Bless them, these dopey men of ours ;)

Your icon is perfect. :)

Yup, dopey about covers it. *g* Different strengths (or something).

ROTFLMAO!!! Awesomeness... I am still giggling.

*g* I was simultaneously disgusted, awestruck at his idiocy, and amused.

In the end, I successfully did the plunging.

Someone even more incompetent than my husband! My advice - never let him touch anything.

I sense empathy. *g*

My advice - never let him touch anything.

Sadly, I fear you're right.

This didn't speak to his strengths, clearly. *g*

I do not know which is the worse curse - an inept husband or a "handy" husband, who really does know how to do these things properly so you can't call a professional as he will do it - just as soon as he gets around to it! I still have secondhand in-law and left over college dorm furniture after 28 years because my sweetie really does some beautiful work making furniture. You should see my daughter's apartment - everything matches and is coordinated and custom fit. Sigh. He promised to get to mine but I had to promise not to die before he does! Would you care to trade?


Oh, D., the grass is always greener. I feel so bad for you. Not. :P

Would you care to trade?


It was a pretty ridiculous moment. :)

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