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No love, cw

So, my excitement last night was short-lived; the CW aired college basketball instead of TVD. :(

But I still feel like I have cartoon birds chirping and flying around my head, thanks to Bones. :D

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There's a replay on CW tonight at the usual time for all those who got pre empted for basketball. The SPN fans are in uproar over the delay but I guess all the TVD fans should be happy :)

The last 30 seconds of last night's Bones totally made the epi for me! *FLAILS!*

Thank goodness for the internet. *g* I got my TVD fix this morning.

*flails along with you* :D

...erm, haven't seen Bones yet because I somehow felt compelled to see TVD first (and yes, it's all your fault for getting me hooked in the first place). I've now mainlined the season 1 DVDs and all the season 2 aired so far, so I'm caught up. I'm really interested in your reaction. I for one thought last night's TVD episode was really awesome.

Any TVD communities worth joining, BTW?

Aw man, that's rough. The CW takes an agonizingly long time to put them up online too.

Sorry, hon. :(

:D :D :D

I cant get into TVD... Ive had friends Begging me... but I just cant after Angel, LOL. I suck. :(

Yes, I am still on my Bones!Hugh too. and then some. !!!!!!!!!!

It seems like everyone had issues watching TVD! My stupid dvr decided to reorder my priotities and Wipeout taped instead. I checked to see if TVD was moved from first and nope! I had to find it at HG.

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