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A poem; not my own
I've been reading a lot of poetry recently; the library's been invaluable in this endeavor, and so has half.com. Two favorite poets: Billy Collins and Sharon Olds. What's been most meaningful for me as I've been reading lately are two things: 1) the reminder of just how powerful language is, and 2) the concrete demonstration of writing about seemingly-mundane moments. A story or poem doesn't have to be about something glamorous or exciting in order to be meaningful; there's drama in little things, too. It's not that I didn't know these things before; it's just nice to be reminded in such a visceral way now and again.

Here's a poem about the power of words -- and the forbidden. I think it's also about power, period, and the reclaiming of it.

I Knew I'd Sing
by Heather McHugh
from Kayak

A few sashay, a few finangle,
Some make whoopee, some
make good. But most make
diddly-squat. I tell you this

is what I love about
America - the words it puts
in my mouth, the mouth where once
my mother rubbed a word away

with soap. The word
was cunt. She stuck that great
big bar
in there until there was
no hole to speak of,

she hoped. But still
I'm full
of it, the cunt,
the prick,
short u, short i,
the words
for her and him. I loved

the things
they must have done,
the love they must
have made,
to make 
an example of me.
After my lunch of Ivory I said

vagina for a day or two, but knew
from that day forth which word it was
that struck with all the force of sex itself.
I knew
when I was big I'd sing

a song in praise of cunt. I'd want
to keep my word, the one with teeth in it.
And even after I was raised, I swore
nothing, but nothing, would be beneath me.

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One of my favorite words. Before I came to LJ in 2002, most of my online friends who brought me here were met at Television Without Pity and a community called the Meta Boards--the latter of which was filled with Europeans and Australians who constantly threw the word "cunt" around like candy. My favorite expression was "she's got bats in her cuntfry" to describe anyone whom we believed was bitchfacin' simply out of a need to get laid. Ha.

It's a versatile word. *g*

Thanks for the story. :)

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