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have a song

I feel... inadequate and boring and a little blah. Not depressed; just not good. For better or for worse, M. keeps me from being able to really wallow in it. This song is comforting.

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I like, I like!

And I LOVE you.

*hugs* for those days that come along and feel like you describe. They too shall pass =D


Thank you, honey. And yes, they do/will. Love you, too.

Amazing song: love it, love Ani. :D

She is made of all things awesome. :)

Hugs. It's tough dealing with a little one, but know that we're here for you whenever you want to vent.

*hugs you back* Thank you, R. You know, M is great. She's amazing and awe-inspiring and I love her more than I have loved anyone. It's just this life is so... relentless. My DH likes to say we're in the treadmill phase of life.

You know how I feel about Ani. ♥ Excellent choice.

Hugs. (also: thank you for the v-gift. That was kind of you.)

Ani is amazing. So much talent and honesty and strength.

*hugs you back* You're welcome. A v-gift hardly changes anything for you. It's inadequate, I know. I just wanted you to know that someone was thinking of you. You're not alone. Or at least, no more alone than we all are, in the end. ;)

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