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Writing Prompt (2/23/11)


I'm in a rut. I have a gazillion bits of half-started pieces of writing. Nothing's grabbing me. Anyway, I figure someone must be in a similar position. Three years ago, I used to post writing prompts at the now-defunct ABY . Here's a prompt, fresh out of the oven:

Write about a broken promise.

If you'd like to share some exercises or prompts of your own, feel free to comment on this post. Or if you write something in response to this exercise, comment or send me a link. However, you're not obligated to share. In other words, do whatever you want with this. I just hope it proves useful for someone. If you'd like to see the previous exercises I've posted, just click on the tag below. Happy writing!

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OMG *raises hand* I am SO in this position. Posting prompts again is a fab idea. Feel free to cross-post to bones_ga should you want to :)

I bet there are a lot of us who have been there and done that!

Thanks for the suggestion re: cross-posting. Will do that when I get a chance. :)

Also there with you ... can't seem to get past it. Love this prompt and I'll endeavour to do something :)

Keep pushing; I hope you break through it. :) Good luck! I hope the prompt sparks something for you. ♥

Dude, post your half-started pieces of writing! Make them friends-locked! I don't even care. I want to read them. I missssss your ficssssss.

Thank you; you're kind. I'll think about it, but the stuff is horrible -- mouse droppings. o_O

Edited at 2011-02-25 03:18 pm (UTC)

Do you need me to pull a Brennan on you & start giving a lecture about how your writing couldn't possibly be "mouse droppings" because you aren't a mouse? *leans back & crosses arms, eyebrows you*

(You do realize I'm going to just boss you around & nag you now until you write, yes? Let it be your excuse. Like, "I had no choice! Rachael made me!" Then you don't have to worry if you think it sucks.)

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