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do you need something?
There's a Thoreau quote about most men people leading lives of quiet desperation. Forgive me, but I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote -- especially since Sesame Street's about to end, which means my laptop time is about to end, too! Anyway, my point is that even if we aren't desperate all the time, we all experience moments of need.

Maybe you're unhappy and wish someone would just tell you they give a damn that you're alive. Maybe a family member is sick, and you believe in the power of strangers' prayer. Maybe you need a book, and you don't have the money to buy it right now; someone else might be willing to send you a free, used copy. Maybe you're having a horrible, no-good day, and you wish someone would write you a super-fluffy Bones fic. There are many wants and needs, from the tangible to the intangible.

It occurs to me that maybe we can help each other.

If you or someone you know need something, reply to this post with a request. (If you're feeling shy, post anonymously. I'm allowing anon comments, but I'm going to screen them and then manually approve them, in case of spam.) If you see a request that you can fill, reply to that comment.  Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.

Maybe none of you need anything, in which case this post will quietly die. :)

Let me know if you have any questions. This is a half-formed yet fully-well-intentioned idea, but I'll do my best to clarify as needed.


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I need someone to reassure me that I'm not "settling" with my current relationship. :(

In your recent posts, it sounds as though you're having fun, and you really like each other. What makes you think that you're settling?

I need someone to tell me that I'm a good person and that I'm loved. I need someone to tell me that I can write.

*big hugs*

You ARE a good person, and you ARE loved. And you can write.

Sometimes people don't demonstrate their love for us in the particular ways that we most need; that doesn't negate their love. If it's possible, try and ask for what you truly need from your loved ones. We wish people could read our minds sometimes; they can't. But maybe ask... They might surprise you -- in a good way.

If you want to write, keep pushing through whatever doubts and fears are coming up, and just put down one word in front of another. I know how hard that can be sometimes. But your words and your take on a story are yours, and they have value. (Tell the stories you want to tell, and don't let anyone stop you -- least of all yourself.) Not everyone will read them the same way, or even like them, but they still mean something.

If it's a matter of thinking you need to be better at it, I can promise you that the only way to improve your writing is to write. I have to remind myself of that a lot. :)

I'd just like to know that there will come a day when the other shoe doesn't drop and I don't have to continually add to my list of worries as I scratch things off *shakes head* Oh, life.

That day will come. I've been there - where you don't know what you will do if just one more thing goes wrong - and it does get better. Maybe not right away, and it'll take a while to notice, but there will come a time when you don't even think about the other shoe dropping. (And in the meantime? You'll keep handling the important stuff.)

The intensity of worries in your life will vary, honey. There'll be bad days (weeks? months?), but those WILL end, and easier days will come. Of course, you'll get a whole other set of problems later, too, but you'll be ready to deal with those at that point. *g* Not every moment will be a crisis; I promise you that. *hugs*

ETA: I sincerely hope those easier days are here for you soon. Constant turmoil is exhausting.

Edited at 2011-02-24 02:52 pm (UTC)

I'm trying to decide if I:

a) keep on doing the higher dose of Advair and regular albuterol hits and tessalon and phenylephedrine that I started yesterday (with likely added benadryl tonight),

b) start right back on the nebulizer tonight despite the fact that my albuterol ampules are expired, or

c) go directly onto the prednisone and cut to the chase

[or d) go and beg for anti-biotics even though I'm pretty sure it's allergies/asthma].

But otherwise I'm doing pretty great.

What did you decide to do? I hope you feel better soon.

Whew. I'm sorry you're not feeling completely well. I hope you're able to get the right medicine or cocktail figured out soon.

I'm so happy you're doing well otherwise right now. It's been rough, I know. :) Proud of you for hanging in there. ♥

I am so very thankful that all of my "needs" are met. My wants? I want to know that I'm on the right path, that I've done the best I could with the choices I made, and that it's okay to listen to my heart rather than the chatter of what everyone else wants. I want to know that I have the respect of my peers, that I stand for what's right. And I suppose the only way to know that is in the looking back at the end of things.

Oh, and if I actually found a pair of cute, work-appropriate, comfortable brown dress shoes in a size 8, that'd be good, too.

Thank you for this post. Hugs to you.

♥ I know nothing; I have a lot of opinions. In my opinion, the very fact that you ask yourself these questions means that you ARE on the right path. You try; I know you do. That means everything.

...and that it's okay to listen to my heart rather than the chatter of what everyone else wants.

It is. It really is. I'm giving you permission, for what it's worth. ($.01, maybe?) *g* You know yourself best. Not everyone else will have your very best interests at heart. Some will; many won't.

I'll keep an eye out on the shoe front. Have you checked out shoebuy.com? I think people review the shoes, and there's free shipping and return shipping, in case you don't like whatever you buy. Not the same as trying shoes on in-store, but there's a big selection.

Thank you for this post. Hugs to you.

You're welcome. *hugs you back*

You are just such a lovely person. I hope you know that.

Sometimes I need to know that my presence matters. That, since it will all end eventually anyhow, there's a reason not to press fast-forward. That there's a point to caring for myself.

I need to know what people mean when they say they care, when they say "I love you." I know what I mean; I don't know what they mean.

I need to know if I have anything to offer, whether I'm a good person, and if I'll ever feel like I have a place in this world that isn't separate from everyone else.

You do matter and you're not alone. I understand where you are coming from, I find myself to often yelling into the void, "What is the point?!" And, I guess, the point is every day, we make a difference to someone. We may not even know it, but we do.

You have so much to offer, you are a good person and you will find your place in the world. Don't give up.

Hugs to you.

You are just such a lovely person. I hope you know that.

♥ No. YOU are, and I hope you will come to believe it.

You're right: it will all end eventually. Don't fast-forward; you can't see what you'll miss. You don't know what's waiting for you in the next moment or the next day.

Your presence matters. You have a heart and feelings and a voice. It hurts like hell sometimes, but you have to keep using them, even when you don't want to. You can't always know who's listening. That doesn't mean someone isn't. (I'm not speaking in religious terms here.) That doesn't mean the world, or even a single person in it, doesn't desperately need everything you have to offer.

I need to know what people mean when they say they care, when they say "I love you." I know what I mean; I don't know what they mean.

Oh, I hear you. Try asking. See what they say. These are hard questions, but they're honest ones.

Life's beaten the shit out of you. Please force yourself to get back up again, honey. And don't shut people out. If there's someone who wants to be there for you, let them. You deserve the support.

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