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Writing Prompt (2/25/11)

Taken from MSNBC.com. Photo Credit: Paulo Duarte/AP

If you'd like to share some exercises or prompts of your own, feel free to comment on this post. Or if you write something in response to this exercise, comment or send me a link. However, you're not obligated to share. In other words, do whatever you want with this. I just hope it proves useful for someone. If you'd like to see the previous exercises I've posted, just click on the tag below. Happy writing!

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Ooh, I like this. It makes me think of "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf and "Aquinnah" by Anjou (one of my favorite fics from any fandom), which you can find here if you'd like (for some reason that site doesn't let you link to the stories directly).

My response can be found here.

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