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How do you refill the well?
Life is hard. Whether you're taking care of small children or older parents, working a stressful job, pursuing a degree, or doing all or none of the above, daily life will take it out of you. How do YOU refill the well?

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That is a question I've been asking myself a lot lately as I've been working on the end of a really big writing project and the words have been coming all wrong, definitely not to my usual standards anyway. I've been reading a lot and watching my shows (Bones All Season Rewatch FTW!) but it still feels like I'm missing something when I sit down to type.

By keeping my eye firmly on the ball. I have a goal and I will reach it if it kills me (of course, it just might... O_O). Stay focused, work hard and keep your eye on the prize. Working for the prize is the reward, I guess, or else why the hell am I working this hard?

But as far as refilling the well, it doesn't really get refilled. I'm really trying to eat better lately, and if I've gotten enough work done, I'll let myself knock off at 10:30 and grab an episode of Castle (working my way through S2 currently) before passing out for 5 or 6 hours, but that's about it. Lucky for me, the well doesn't really need refilling while I'm this focused. I loose this focus, however, and I'm totally toast...

I dunno babe. Some days??? I congratulate myself for breathing, you know?? Others are better. I guess no matter what is happening I always KNOW that in the end, it'll all be ok, so I keep on going. One bad day, week, month? Is fixable. No matter how hard it seems at the time, it always gets better.

I mean sometimes? When it was real bad this year and my kid would be crying about her legs hurting and I was wondering wtf we were gonna do to make it better and at the same time running to Grannys to help her shower/dress/go to the bathroom? and I'd think, I can't do this. and I'd just keep on doing it cuz it had to be done ya know?

and some of it is still as bad and some is better and I guess really? Love is what makes it all acceptable & ok. I love my kid. I love my granny. They? Refill my well. and if I have to to refill theirs to replenish mine? Than thats a good thing.

You know its weird, I don't believe in God, but I have Faith in Life.

Love is what makes it all acceptable & ok. I love my kid. I love my granny. They? Refill my well. and if I have to to refill theirs to replenish mine? Than thats a good thing.

You know its weird, I don't believe in God, but I have Faith in Life.

This is gorgeous and I am so the same - love is my well-refiller too ♥

Refill the well? I dunno if it is possible. But there are things that make the disaster that is usually my life a little better. A few days with daughter up at South Bend. Time in my studio. When I had small ones, time spent on the floor either asleep or giggling (or both). Daughter is currently writing her exams prior to her orals (prelims) for her doctorate. She is/has passed all the exams but some of the comments left her very down. She calls me for well duty!

FiL drives me nuts (tuneless whistling being a large part of it) so I disappear into my office and load some music and pretend he doesn't exist until I have to do something for him, or cook dinner. Speaking of which, cooking is a great stress reliever for me.

Talking to friends.

Too bad you can't just pick up a package of instant well filler (just add water).


When I'm up to it, walks in nature. That does it the best. Otherwise, music, reading, meditation, acupuncture (if I can ever afford it), art, TV, ACA meetings (for me), writing, talking to the right people, laughter, & time with someone with whom a healthy connection is shared.

Sometimes it's as simple as planning out an evening for myself like this: "I'm gonna hit up the cafe, get myself a mini-cheesecake bite & a Chai Tea latte. Then I'm going to take a walk in Forest Park. I'll come home & watch TV, then chat online & listen to music. I will worry tomorrow. I will start over tomorrow. Today is for me."

Any or a random combination of some of the following: listen to either favorite uplifting or relaxing music; read or erotic or fluffy fanfic; create, share, or snag computer graphics; watch comedy, musicals, or my favorite fandom episodes; play a very stress-relieving role-playing computer game (killing demons and undead who are trying to kill me); playing computer word games....There are more, but they start to get similar to the rest, so I'll leave it at that. :-)

Hope some of that helps!

My latest thing is getting up early and walking the 6 miles to work instead of relying on public transportation (assuming the weather's decent outside). Waking up earlier was tough at first, but then I realized how much I loved having the time to think and sort things out before starting my day and it's a good natural energy boost!

If D or I (or both of us) are having a day like that we knock any responsibilities like housework on the head early and go snuggle up in bed with a DVD (to think I was reluctant to let him buy a new TV/DVD combi thing for our bedroom). It works to recharge the love batteries everytime.. I think I can pretty much handle anything as long as I know he has my back ♥

The answer to this question for me is the one of the most important things in my day-to-day life because I'm not one of those people that can run on fumes--I need to recharge regularly to keep myself and that translates to making time for myself. I try to make time to cook myself a good dinner and watch an hour of TV every day if I can because that is time spent solely for my pleasure. No matter what is going on, I always try to get a full night's sleep. It's solidly supported by the scientific literature that sleeping eight hours leads to enhanced cognitive function (and that includes energy levels and moods), and that it needs to be every day--you can't just catch up on the weekends.

It's easy for me because I'm not responsible for anyone else. Parents certainly have a much more challenging time making time for themselves. It's not hard to know what you enjoy, but more difficult to take the time to do that enjoyable activity and not feel guilty about the other things you can be doing. I keep my well full by knowing that taking time for myself isn't taking me away from those other things; it's keeping me in prime condition to return to those other things.

Take some time for yourself. It doesn't have to be a lot of time. Tell everyone that the next half hour is for me. Then spend it doing whatever you want to do, even if all you want to do is lie in bed.

It's tough because as a rule women are brought up to think of their own needs last.

You know, this might not be an acceptable answer, but I smoke a sweet holy ton of Camel Silvers. ;)

It's early morning and I really need to go to bed so I can get a coupla hours before I spend the day at teacher meetings and instead I'm bugging you. Like to say I am sending up a little prayer your life has made itself calmer, mine's just end of summer and totally goofing off--I'm a birder and it's with me every second that I'm awake and it feeds my soul. I'm a nature nut I suppose, but I really like looking up into god's own high defintion reality and seeing it all on the big screen. It's amazing. and thank you for all your lovely stories even the ones that make me cry. You got that laser heartstrings thing going on and it's just fine.

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