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(no subject)
I am pathetic. Shoot me; I'm trolling the most recent comment fic meme at bitesize_bones to see if something, anything, will inspire me to write. :/

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I have access to an AR-15 scoped sniper rifle if you are in real need. And while I am not at Booth's level, I scare my children and their friends with my accuracy at about 330'. (And they are almost all law enforcement or military. LOL something about scarily accurate little old ladies...)

Did you find a meme that inspired you? I wouldn't mind a story of Booth and Parker when Parker was younger (about 2ish). Booth is a great dad. Perhaps Booth, Parker and Hank? Since you have a little one of your own...


You are NOT pathetic. I still reread some of your old stories!

What would you say to writing something in a comment, but not considering it "fic"? It is after all a "cliche & crack" meme (crack!fic can be ridic & horrible on purpose for pete's sake! You could even say that's what you're going for!). Call it a "cliched comment" or a "cracky comment." Sometimes I can get myself to do things if I logic my way into them. At least it'll break the ice for you more.

First: You are always fabulous!

Second: How about hosting your own little comment-fic meme? I have a friend that does that when she's feeling stressed about not writing.

Third: The icon is purely for my own amusement. :P

I can come up with more ideas if that would help...

How does this make you pathetic? Or rather, if it does, then we're all pathetic too ;)

babe! You rock! shit, alls I did was beg for angel/bones crack and man!sex lol.

I have written???? JackShitGoddamnNotEvenAFlippingWord.

WE rock... I swear, we soooo do.

and you are awesome.

Does pathetic mean awesome?

Not pathetic - just seeking inspiration! ;)

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