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Help! I need somebody...

Since last night, my innards have become "outards," courtesy of a stomach bug or something. o_O I know about the BRAT diet, but do any of you have any favorite recs for what I should eat or drink as my stomach eventually hopefully settles?

Thank you.

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I usually eat white rice and drink ginger ale, or hot water with ginger and honey in it. Gatorade is good, too, for if it lasts a while.

Besides the white rice, that they already recommended to you, here's my fav one: You mash a banana with a fork, add some orange juice and two or three crumbled cookies (depends on how big they are), take care the cookies are not whole-grain, the simplest cookies, the better.

I hope you get well soon.


Thanks, G. I am feeling much better now. :)

Ginger in any form, peppermint tea.

Sugar and salt water solution if you have been off food for long. May be disgusting, but it could save you from having to go to hospital for an IV, if your bug is persistent (get medical advice if it is.)

My sister gave her dog rice & steamed fish when it had an upset stomach. While I'm sure your bug is not a result of you eating something off the ground while out walking, it may work when you can eat again ;)

While I'm sure your bug is not a result of you eating something off the ground while out walking

*g* You never know. :P

Thank you for the advice. I love peppermint tea and have some nearly every day.

Papaya & pineapple both have digestive enzymes that help calm excess stomach acid/assist with more comfortable digestion, and bananas are good for diarrhea (they have lots o' fiber). I often go for things like oatmeal & turkey noodle soup as well.

I was gonna say pineapple.

Also oatmeal! We are of one miiiiind!

Thanks, hon. And good luck today! :)

noodles and cottage cheese. I find it very soothing.

Thank you, R. And hope YOU are recovering from your stomach issues, too.

I'm taking things one day at a time.

(Deleted comment)
Graham crackers in milk. My family has always done that; it tastes wonderful and it settles your stomach when you aren't in vomiting mode.

Thanks for the food advice!

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