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Fringe: Why must I ship a doomed ship?
*sigh* I kind of maybe sort of ship Peter/Olivia on Fringe; they're sweet.  My reaction to them is a bit...tepid.  But despite knowing better, my heart is really with Charlie/Olivia. This is NOT happening, for obvious reasons. And yet... :/

I wonder if there is any good fic for them out there, as that is the best I'll do, I'm sure. *bangs head*

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Are you caught up? Because I felt the same as you at a certain point, but now I ship Peter/Olivia and I'm convinced they are doomed as well. If that makes you feel any better....

Yes! This so much.

I'm watching another show of his (Alias) and all I ca say is that JJ Abrams is very cruel and likes to play with our heads.

It's almost like he's taken lessons from Joss.

Yes, Charlie/Olivia was my first pairing as well, but that sank pretty quickly. :) And it's taken me awhile to even like P/O because they're both so...laid back? Lacking passion? In any case, ITA they seem doomed as well.

I think your descriptions of laid back and lacking passion are good ones. I'm not sure if it's the actress which took me a while to warm up to, but I just don't get any spark from her. Like she's just not sure if she even cares if she wants Peter or not.

From someone that has shipped some doomed ships - I feel your pain. I always thought Charlie and Olivia had chemistry and there have to be some fics out there. I assume you've tried fringefiction?

(I stopped watching sometime during the early part of S2, but I still think it's a quality show.)

Yeah, I have this issue: If I start writing for a ship that's canon, and then the ship breaks up in canon, I can't finish any work I'd started for that ship.

If I decide that a noncanon ship should be together and I start writing them and then they become a couple, I can't finish any work I'd already started...though I can then write for them much more easily...usually. Sometimes I have more difficulty if the show makes their relationship a lot different than I had visualized it as being, especially if the relationship really changes the characters' personalities.

IF, however, two characters NEVER get together in a show whom I feel belong together...or something never happens between two characters who were together from the beginning of the show...I have absolutely no trouble writing that.

*kicks muse in the butt* Odd how our brains work, isn't it?

I can't rec any fic to you because I'm not in the Fringe fandom, and I haven't been able to read any fic of consequence, anyway; my laptop has been dead for several months, and I do my bulk fanfiction reading in bed before I go to sleep.

Maybe that's why I've been having trouble with insomnia for so long....I haven't had my ficcies to read. :'(

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