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Requesting your good thoughts. If you saw this post back in December, I have an update. After a week of bad travel that culminated in a less than 24-hour trip to California for a memorial service for a friend who died of a brain tumor, DH got on a red-eye flight back home. The following morning (Sunday), when he should have been in a cab coming home, I got a text message from him saying that he had passed out on the plane, possibly from a seizure, and he was at a hospital a half-hour from our house.


Apparently he passed out on the plane early in the flight and was unresponsive for 40 minutes. A heart surgeon on the flight said he couldn't find a pulse and suspected something heart-related. They gave him an IV and oxygen mask for the remainder of the flight, then transferred him to a nearby hospital. The hospital tests didn't turn up any heart problem markers, so it's more likely he had another seizure. He was released from the hospital on Sunday after being given the human equivalent of a horse tranquilizer, but now the fun begins: follow-up with a neurologist, discussing long-term strategies, possible lifestyle changes and/or medication (which has side effects, of course), etc., given that the first seizure turned out NOT to be a one-time occurrence.

I feel fortunate that he doesn't appear to have something more serious, like a brain tumor, but this will be complicated, nonetheless. If you have a moment, please keep us in your thoughts. I have no idea if they'll have any tangible effect, but it makes me feel a little better, and I figure it can't hurt. :)

Thanks for listening, and I hope you are happy and healthy.

Sending all kinds of good thoughts and vibes your way, wish you guys the best. <3

Oh, hon. *hugs tight* You are and will be in my thoughts and prayers. ♥

*smooch* Thanks, Space. ♥

Hugs to you, S. My thoughts are with you and your family.

*hugs* Thank you, as always, D.

So sorry to hear about this. You are and your family are most definitely in my prayers ♥

I appreciate it very much. Thank you. ♥

sending good thoughts to you and yours.

Thanks very much. I do appreciate it. ♥

*hugs* My thoughts are with you and your family!

Thank you, A. *hugs* I appreciate it.

Oh hon, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Keeping you all in my thoughts... *hugs*

Thanks very much, LSQ. That means a lot to me. *hugs*

Wishing you all kinds of good thoughts! I'm sure this is scary and difficult but you have an inner light and strength. You all will be fine. *hugs*

That is very kind of you, and I do appreciate it. Thank you very much. *hugs*

Absolutely, sending good vibes.

Much love to you all, my darling ♥

Thank you, honey. *hugs* ♥

Oh my gosh, that sounds so scary and stressful. THROWING good vibes/karma/thoughts at you. ♥ ♥ ♥

It was scary, but I know it could have been much worse. Thanks for the good thoughts, J. I appreciate them all. ♥

your family continues to be in my thoughts.
I was wondering how things had turned out after reading about the seizures last winter. Wishing strength for both of you.

Thank you very much. Your positive thoughts are truly appreciated! DH is back on medication indefinitely, so there have been no further seizures (that we know of) since the one on the plane.

Lots of love from me. :)

I hope everything comes back to normal soon.


*hugs* Thank you so much, G.

Oh honey... Massive hugs and you will most definitely be in my thoughts. Sending every good vibe and all the positive energy I have your way.

*smooch and hugs* Thanks, Mel. How are you and your girls (one of them being your granny)?

My thoughts are with you and yours.

Not much help, but do I know what it's like with neurologists and being grateful for test results saying it's not a brain tumor, while what it is, is still a pain in the a$$.

Thank you; your good thoughts are help enough. :) Medical issues are just a pain the ass, as you said. We should we be grateful for good health when we have it!

Huge hugs. That all sounds so stressful, and I hope he's able to find a treatment that helps without causing too many other problems via side effects.

Thank you, my dear. It was/is stressful. He's back on medication indefinitely and unable to drive for maybe a month more because of our state law. But things could definitely be much worse.