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Rookie Blue Drabble: The Weight of Gravity Pulls On Everyone

Title: The Weight of Gravity Pulls On Everyone (1/1)
Characters: Sam Swarek, Andy McNally
Rating: K+ or PG
Through 1x02: Mercury Retrograde
Summary: She's so not his type. A drabble (100 words) set after the end of 1x02: Mercury Retrograde.
A/N: New-to-me show, new 'ship, and a handful of new words. Guys, Sam Swarek is totally screwed; from the second Andy broke his cover, the poor guy never had a chance. ;)
Disclaimer: Rookie Blue and its characters belong to ABC, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.


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The Weight of Gravity Pulls On Everyone

She's not his type.

Nice legs, sure. But McNally's too green and eager to please - big, brown eyes in a face broadcasting every flicker of emotion - and not enough common sense.

"Let me take you home."

After 8 months under with junkies and hookers, her cotton candy laugh still rings clear and honest in his head.

Sam's fingers curl against the burn of her hand in his. His stomach lurches, an elevator in free-fall. Sighing, he punches his pillow. Would her mouth taste sticky sweet? A few more inches and broken rules...

"Were you scared in there?"


Tags: fic, mcnally/swarek, rookie blue, rookie blue: fic

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