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I would like to know how many mothers of newborns actually have the time to take a shower, let alone soak their abused nether regions in an effing sitz bath.

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Hold on, did I miss something? Has baby arrived early?? If so, congratulations!! Details when you can please!

And no, mothers of newborns with toddlers have time for NOTHING.

Edited at 2012-03-02 04:47 pm (UTC)

I didn't know the little one had arrived! CONGRATS!! :D

If this means the new addition is here, Congratulations! Or maybe you're just annoyed by new-parent advice columns. Either way, remember the sleep-deprivation haze eventually recedes.

Congrats on new addition. About the rest, I wouldn't know. I had all mine by "zipper." The only suggestion I have is to take baby with you when soaking. I usually put mine on the floor on a couple bath towels and left the curtain half open so I could keep an eye on them. And it won't hurt them to cry for a couple minutes (or more) until you get done rinsing soap out of your hair.

Congratulations if there is an addition.

If this is a question simply out of curiosity my guess is not effing many!

Congrats on the new little one! Can't wait for the name and weight/length report. But yeahh.. not many, I would assume. Hang in there hun ♥

Can't wait to hear more about the new addition! Try to make time for the sitz bath, your nethers deserve it!

Wait, what? Congrats if little one is here!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go throw something in the mail.


Bathing? ha. The only thing I cared about in those days which taking a nap whenever possible.

Congrats on baby!! No personal experience in regards to babies and toddlers, but according to my mother (who had me, my brother two years later, another brother two years later, a sister three years after that, a brother who spent two months in the NICU three years after that, and another brother two years after that) the answer is just keep holding on and eventually it will be fine.

Hugs on two accounts!

I missed this post until I saw Space mention it just now as I've been without notifications for DAYS *kicks LJ*

If baby 2 is here congrats and love to you all!! My S is 10 today!!! *runs around flailing*

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