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I've missed you all fiercely. Posting here is liking going home. :) If only offline-life didn't intrude so much on LJ time. ;) More on that sometime...

Thanks for responding to my Bones question. I'll be back to reply, but unfortunately, the girls (my 4-year-old and 14-month-old) and I all have a cold -- probably picked up at M's preschool. On the bright side, the pinkeye that's also making the rounds there hasn't come here.

Hugshugshugs to all of you, after a bath in disinfectant, of course.


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Oh dear, get better soon, lovely girlies! And S is 14 months already???! What the what??!

Lovely to see you here too!

I hope you all are feeling better soon! I can't believe your babies are so grown up!

It's so good to see you! I've been thinking about you!

Hi!! Everything ok over there?

I hope you and your little birds get well soon.


I can't believe your girls are 4 and 14 months!

A bit behind on Bones so have stayed away from any questions/discussions lately.

But I'll always have hugs for my LJ-friends, so hugs to you!

So happy to see your sn on my friends page again! Hope you and the girls are feeling better soon! (((hugs)))

There you are. Sorry the babes are sick, but I know you'll soon put them to rights.

Miss you buckets and pails, bb.

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