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Rookie Blue Drabble: Drowning or Waving

Title: Drowning or Waving (1/1)

Characters: Nick Collins, Andy McNally

Rating: K+ or PG

Spoilers: Through 4x13

Word Count: 100

Summary: A drabble (100 words) set at the end of 4x13.

Author's Note:  I’m a multi-shipper. “I don’t have ‘ships; I have an armada.” Sam and Andy have my heart, but so do Nick and Andy. ;)

Disclaimer: Rookie Blue and its characters don’t belong to me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.


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“Go. It’s fine.”

Andy trembles under his hand, and she nods, her gaze ricocheting off his.  For the space of one breath he thinks she’ll reach for him; Nick braces himself. He doesn’t know how he’ll do this -- be the partner she needs -- if she touches him.

Instead, she edges past to go to Sam. He watches her back; it’s habit. He barely sees her now, her body a blue smudge, a dot on the horizon as he stands on a distant shore.

She laughs in her sleep, this magical woman. Nick knows he’ll never witness it again.
Tags: fic, mcnally/collins, rookie blue, rookie blue: fic

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